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Capitalist policies

Free elections and more than one party
Industry and agriculture owned by individuals
Employ worker and keep all profits
Limits on government interference
Freedom of speech and movement


Communism policies

One party state
Industry and agriculture owned by state
No induvula profit making
Government controlled lives
Censorship’s on what could be written or said


Why did the Cold War begin

Russian revolution- us had a fear of communism and didn’t want it to spread
USSR weren’t included in the treaty of Veraslies - they help so thought they should get something back
Capitalism vs communism- both sides thought there way of life is right
Arguments over Germany’s land- both side wanted their way of life


Yalta desicions

Declaration of liberated Europe’s free election
USSR gained land due to the change of plamds boarders
Germany split into 4 zones
Reperations collected from each zone
Soviet pows were returned
USSR helped fighting in japan and given land for thank s
UN set up
Lublin government allowed entrance of London piles


Truemans and view on Stalin

Wanted to take a tougher line with Stan,in


Potsdam decisions

Each zone will countinue taking reperations
Stalin rejected uk and us attemls to have a greater say in what happened in Eastern Europe
German polish boarders drawn up
Us rejected Stalin’s attempt to have a greater say in running the Ruhr
Us rejected Stalin’s demand to have a greater role in occupation of Japan
Final boarders of zone were drew up
Government of Poland what to be communist


Reasons for dropping atom bombs

Wanted revenge for pear harbour
Wanted to prove superiority
Wanted to force Japan to surrender
Wanted to alarm USSR
Wanted revenge on Japan for cruel treatment of POW
Wanted to prevent further causalities in the war
Spent 2000m developing the bomb so didn’t want to waste it


Effects of bomb on Japan

78000 killed outright by bomb in Hiroshima
140000 died from its effects
70,000 out of 78000 buildings destroyed
Residential parts destroyed
Bridges destroyed
River polluted killing wildlife
80000 killed by bomb in Nagasaki


Effects of bomb on USA

People alarmed by the destruction and many campaigned for countries to disarm - campaign for nuclear disarmament
Increased tension with USSR
Stalin angry at trueman for not telling him about the bomb


Effects of bomb on USSR

Increased tension with us
Bomb marked a betrayal of trust by us and further split war time alliance
Shines the USSR that the USA had the upper hand in terms of military power
USA sent a clear message that the arms race had begun


Effects on Cold War

Many saw armed conflict between superpowers as unthinkable and said to be mutually assured destruction as both sides knew what in the vent of military action the other side now had the power to counter them and strike back
Conflict that developed as a result was Cold War


Why has hostility since 1917 increased tension

Us was capitalist and Russia was communist
Us felt threatened by communism
Russia and us disagreed on how Poland should be run


Why did changes in big three increase tension

Attlee replaced Churchill
Trueman replace Roosevelt
Trueman wanted to take a tougher line against stalin so Stalin became weary


What did decisions made at Yalat and Postdame increase tension

Potsdam- Stalin didn’t want us and uk having say over territory hear USSR
USA and uk didn’t agree with polish boarder
Us didn’t want Stalin having a greater say over the Ruhr


Why did atom bomb increase tension

Russia felt treated during by the atom bomb
Over 140000 died


How did an iron curtain develop

1 - Poland
2- Romania and Bulgaria
3- Hungary
4- Czechoslovakia


Poland and iron curtain

June 1945 some London likes were allowed into Lublin government
Elections held in jan 1947
Elections were rigged and Lublin communist won minority
Leader of London poles, mikalaczyh fled fearing his life
Poland had no other party’s so became communist


Romania and Bulgaria and iron curtain

Romaniax red army set up a coalition government run by communist
Feb 1945 a soviet politicon went against Yalta agreement and ordered king to appoint a new pm chosen by stalin. When the king argued the so,views intimidated him, pm was put in place, monarchy abolished in 1947
Bulgaria- red army entered in 1944
Nov 1945 communist seeized control and held elections that were rigged and communists won
Sit q946 communism abo9oshed monarchy


Hungary and iron curtain

Allowed free elections in November 1945 but communists only received 20% of vote
Stalin ignored the people and imposed a communist government
Election in aug 1947 were rigged and communist won
By November non communist party’s were banned and soviets had control


Czech and iron curtain

Allowed communists and non communist to run in 1945
1945 elections communists won 38% of vote
Communist sailed power before the 1948 elections as they were scared to lose
Many non communist were arranged, foreign minster was modern
Rigged the 1948 elections


What was the trueman doctrine

Set of ideas laid down by trueman to help support countries against communist influence. Wanted to contain communism and not allow it to spread and provided finance for countries under threat


Results of trueman doctrine

By 194o threat to Greece was gone
Turkey avoided communism
Showed that the USA wasn’t going to isolate itself
Showed that trueman wanted communism to stop


Problems post war Europe faced

Cost of rebuking homes
Damage to infrastructure
Debts from war effort
Shortage of food,fuel,clothing


What was Marshall plan

Part of European recovery program whet the USA lent money, aid and resources to countries who has been damaged by the war


Motives of Marshall plan

Increase trading
Show capitalism is thriving
Prevent domino effect
Contain communism
Create allies
Show surepeiorty to stalin


Actions and reactions

USA and Britain wanted too help Germany recover so they didn’t have to keep surorting German economy - Stalin’s grew suspicious of West
1947 Britain and us made bizonia. France then joined to make Trizonia x Stalin felt betrayed and more suspicious
23rd June 1948 Britain and us made a new currency called Deutschmark which strengthened west Germany economy and weakened Stalin’s- economic crisis as people change their currency, 2r5( June stalin closed all canals,roads and rail always from west Germany into Berlin


Why Did stalin blockage Berlin

CreTion of bizonia and trizonia- allies were gaining up on stalin. 1 big west zone Against 1 same USSR zone
Deutschmark- make soviet currency weaker and effected quality of life
Yalta and postdam designs on Germany’s devisin - the decisions were never going to work
Trueman doctrine x USSR saw he was against communism
Marshal plan - USSR didn’t revive aid which meany soviet zone had worse quality of life and economy
Thousands fled soviet zone - many saw capitalism was better and better quality of life


Consequences of Berlin airlift

79 us and uk pilots died


Why did the Berlin airlift happen

It was the only way of getting in supplies that didn’t involve going to war with stalin it surrendering