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Describe the structure of the extensor hood

The head inserts into the distal phalanx

The sides of each inserts into middle phalanx

The base wraps about the metatarsophalangeal joint


What does the deep plantar artery do on the dorsum of the foot?

Dives between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal and joins the lateral plantar artery


What is the origin and insertion of extensor digitorum brevis?

O: Superiolateral calcaneus

I: The tendon of EDL


Around which toe does adduction and abduction occur in the foot?

The 2nd


Which muscles are contained within layer 2 of the sole of the foot?

The lumbricles - off the tendon of FDL

Flexor accessorius


What is contained in layer 3 of the sole of the foot?

A short flexor for the little and big toe

Adductor hallucis


Which nerve supplies the sole of the foot?

The tibial nerve - splits into the lateral and medial plantar nerve


What are the major structures that support the arches of the foot?

Spring ligament

Long plantar ligament

Plantar aponeurosis

Fibularis longus tendon


How are the extensor retinaculum arranged?

There is a superior band that spans the distal fibula and tibia


An inferior Y shaped band spanning the medial malleolus and medial aspect of the plantar aponeurosis to the superiolateral calcaneus


What is the origin of the plantar aponeurosis?

The medial calcaneal tuberosity


What is contained in layer 4 of the sole of the foot?

Interossei muscles

Tendon of fibularis longus and tibialis posterior


How do the medial and lateral plantar nerves supply the sole of the foot?

The lateral supplies the 5th toe and half the 4th while the 

medial supplies 3 and a half toes


What is the function of flexor accessorius?

Straightens the line of pull of FDL


What is contained in layers 1 of the sole of the foot?

Short muscles

- One adductor from the little toe - adductor digiti minimi

- One adductor for the great toe - adductor hallucis

- Flexor digitorum brevis


What are the structures on the dorsum of the foot?

Extensor digitorum brevis

Extensor hoods

Deep fibular nerve

Dorsalis pedis artery


How are the lateral/flexor retinaculum arranged?

One superior band spanning the lateral calcaneus to the lateral malleolus

One inferior band that spans the lateral calcaneus to the be continuous with the inferior extensor retinaculum


What do the septa of the plantar aponeurosis do?

Divide the sole into three compartments 


Which tendons are contained in layer 2 of the sole of the foot?

From medial aspect

- Tibialis posterior

- Flexor hallucis longus

- Flexor digitorum longus


From lateral aspect

- Fibularis longus


Which artery supplies the sole of the foot?

The posterior tibial artery - splits into medial and lateral plantar arteries




What is the dorsalis pedis artery a continuation of?

The anterior tibial artery


What are the arches of the foot?

One medial and one lateral longitudinal arch

One transverse arch


What is the name of the structure rooved by the medial flexor retinaculum?

The tarsal tunnel


Which tendon lies deeper on the sole of the foot, FDL or FHL?