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What is meant by the lesser (true) pelvis?

The aspect of the pelvic where the pelvic organs lie (below the pelvic brim), above here you still have abdominal viscera.


What type of joint is the symphysis pubis?

Secondary cartilaginous joint, as it unites articulating surfaces by using a fibrocartilaginous disc


Name the three main ligaments of the pelvis

Sacrotuberus (sacrum to tubercle), sacrospinous (sacrum to the ischial spine) and sacroiliac (sacrum to ilium)


Describe the role of the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments

Prevent the lower end of the sacrum from being rotated upward at the sacroiliac joint as well as converting the sciatic notch into the greater and lesser sciatic foramina


How does the pelvic cavity differ between males and females?

More cylindrical in males, more cone shaped in men.


What makes up the anterior pelvic wall?

Pubic rami and pubic sympyhsis


What makes up the posterior pelvic wall?

Sacrum, coccyx and piriformis


What makes up the lateral pelvic wall?

Hip bone (below pelvic inlet), obturator membrane, sacrospinous and sacrotuberous ligaments as well as the obturator internus muscle


What is the pelvic diaphragm?

The pelvic floor


What is above and below the pelvic diaphragm?

Above = true pelvis
Below = perineum


What makes up the pelvic diaphragm?

Levator ani muscle and coccygeus


Why is the pelvic diaphragm incomplete anteriorly in females?

The urethra and vagina are here in females


Describe the role of the levator ani muscle

It supports and maintains pelvic viscera position, resists pressure (intrapelvic and expulsive from abdomen), assists urethral sphincter and has important action at ano-rectal junction and vaginal sphincters also.


Name the 4 divisions of the levator ani muscle

- Levator prostate/sphincter vaginae (unimportant)
- Puborectalis
- Pubococcygeus
- Iliococcygeus


What is the function of the levator prostate/sphincter vaginae ?

To form a sling around prostate/vagina and inset into perineal body to support prostate or constrict vagina


What is the function of the puborectalis muscle?

Forms a sling from pubic bone around the rectoanal junction, which is important for anal continence and also retracts the mucous membrane of the lower anal canal.


What is the function of the pubococcygeus muscle?

Fibrous mass between tip of coccyx and anal canal


What is the function of the iliococcygeus muscle?

ilium to anococcygeal body at the coccyx


Which type of pelvic fractures are rare?

Those of the false pelvis


Outline some of the complications that can come from a true pelvis fracture

Haemorrhage from pelvic veins, disruption of male urethra, bladder disruption, rectum damage and nerve injuries.


What are the innominate bones of the pelvis?

ilium, ischium and pubis