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What artery is widened in a thoracic aneurysm?

The aorta


Can an aneurysm result from an infection?
From syphilis?

Yes, yes


The most common symptom of abdominal aneurysm is______.

A pulsating massive above the umbilicus


Which aneurysm is most likely to have no symptoms?

Abdominal is most often "silent"


An aneurysm is abnormal______ of the wall of a(n) (artery or vein)

Widening ( it is also weakening), artery


Which vital signs are most important to measure in clients with aneurysm?

The pulse and blood pressure


An aneurysm will most affect which of the following......the blood pressure or the pulse?

The pulse-many times the aneurysm will rupture and much blood will be lost before the blood pressure starts to change


What activity order is the client with an aneurysm supposed to have?

BEDREST- do not get these people up


If the client with aneurysm is physically unstable, should encourage turning, coughing, and deep breathing?

NO, unless the client is stable


What class of drugs is the client with an aneurysm most likely to be on??

Anti hypertensives


What is the BIG danger with aneurysm of any type?

Rupture- leads to shock or death


If an aneurysm ruptured how would you know it?

Decrease LOC (restlessness), tachycardia (increase pulse rate), hypotension (these are signs of shock)


If an aneurysm rupture what is the #1 priority?

Get them in an operating room ASAP!


Is there anything that can be done for the client with a ruptured aneurysm before they get to the operating room?

Yes- if available, you can get them into anti-shock trousers but not if this causes a delay in getting them to the operating room.


The post-op thoracic aneurysm is most likely to have which type of tube?

Chest tube, because the chest wal was opened


The post op abdominal aneurysm repair client is most likely to have which type of tube?

NG tube for decompression of bowel


If you care for a client who is post op for a repair of a femoral/popliteal resection what assessment must you make every hour for the first 24 hrs?

Check the distal extremity for color, temperature, pain and pulse-also must document