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If a transfusion reaction occurs what should the nurse do first

STOP the blood flow, start running the saline


How long can unit of blood be on. Unit before it must be started.

Less than 1/2hr


What are the signs and symptoms of transfusion reaction

Low back pain, wheezing,fever, hives


What are the three types of transfusion reaction that can occur

Hemolytic,febrile, allergic


What are the sign and symptoms of a hemolytic transfusion reaction

Shivering, HA, low back pain, increased pulse and respirations, decreasing BP, oliguria, hematuria


What are the sign and symptoms of a febrile transfusion reaction

Low back pain, shaking, HA, increase temp, confusion, hemoptysis


What are the sign and symptoms of a allergic transfusion reaction

Hives-urticaria, wheezing, pruritus, join pain (arthralgia)


Give three reasons for a blood transfusion

Restore blood vol. secondary to hemorrhage, maintain hemoglobin in Armenia, replace specific blood components


How long should you stay with the patient after the beginning a transfusion

@ least 15 to 30 mins


What is the routine for vital sign measurement with a transfusion

Once before administration and q15 mins 2x after administration is began, then 1q 1x after transfusion has stopped


What other things are appropriate to do after a reaction

Call MD, get a blood and urine sample, monitor vs, send blood to lab


Can blood be given immediately after removal from refrigeration

No, it has to be warned first for about 20 to 30 mins


What should the nurse measure before starting a transfusion

The vital signs