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As necessary, station commander will contact the _ at the central shop office (213)485-6118 regarding service, repair, or painting of apparatus and electric or gasoline powered equipment.

- Field Mechanical Supervisor


Regular business hours for repair are _ hrs.

-0600 - 1530 hrs
* Monday thru Friday, except holidays


If a company is out of service, station commander or company commander shall notify _ and _ immediately.

- Metro
- BC


If company is out of quarters and unable to reach Field Mechanical Supervisor by phone, company commander or responsible member shall provide Metro with what?

- Type of apparatus
- Assignment
- Location of apparatus
- Nature of repair requested
* Metro will then contact Field Repair Supervisor


Each tire shall be marked to indicate the assignment of that vehicle. Station commanders shall be responsible for maintaining the correct _, _ and _ for each apparatus assigned to their section.

- spare tire
- jack
- lug wrench


A mounted spare tire shall be available at each station. Tires will be exchanged when the tread measures _" deep or less.

- 1/8"
* station commanders to contact shop office for replacement exchange.


Station commander to call Fild Repair Supervisor for a tire replacement. What information should be given so that the closest replacement match can be made?

- Apparatus make
- Shop number
- Tire size and make
- Tire location
- Radial or bias construction
- Tube type or tubless
- Tread design
- Tread groove depth (for match)
- Circumference or height
- Number of lug nuts
- Wheel type and offset


What type of repairs shall be reported after hours?

- emergency repairs ONLY


What constitutes an emergency repair?

- All accident repairs that require immediate attention
- Repairs which are required at the scene o a large scale emergency.
- The repair of any vehicle that has been placed out of service because of needed repair.
- If repaired not done could: result in injury to persons or damage to equipment, or could decrease the operating efficiency of the vehicle to a dangerous level, prevent an emergency vehicle from making an emergency response, cause the vehicle to operate in violation of any law.


What is the procedure for emergency repairs other than tires?

- Station commander or company commander shall notify Metro immediately that company is out of service.
- Station commander or company commander notifies BC that company is out of service and requests field repair.
- BC either directs company to change over to reserve apparatus, or notifies Division Commander of request for field repair. * For tire repairs BC will contact Heavy Rescue company to make tire repairs when available.
- Division commander other either directs company to change over to staff reserve apparatus, or directs Metro to contact the on call field repair supervisor.
- Metro contacts on call filed repair supervisor who will then contact company and determine appropriateness of repair based on status of reserve fleet and feasibility of repair.
- Field Repair supervisor contacts on call mechanic to make repair.


When mobile mechanics are assigned to a large scale emergency or strike team, they shall report to the _.

- LAFD Commanding Officer


If during normal business hours, mobile mechanics will be dispatched to a large scale emergency/strike team by what process?

- Metro shall contact Field Repair Supervisor at Supply and Maintenance who will assign and dispatch a mobile mechanic.


If during after hours, mobile mechanics will be dispatched to a large scale emergency/strike team by what process?

- Metro will make direct contact with on-call mechanic. The on call mechanic shall respond when notified of this type of deployment.
- The on call supply and maintenance officer shall be informed when the on call mechanic is dispatched.


When additional personnel from S&M are necessary to effect emergency repairs, such as supervisors and mechanics, Metrol shall notify on call S&M officer, who shall determine the proper personnel to recall. S&M has approval to recall needed personnel during a major emergency.

Something to Note


When modification and alteration of apparatus is requested, a request must be done on Requisition signed by _ to which the apparatus is assigned.

- All station commanders


During the request process for modifications and alterations of apparatus, the _ will consider the overall advantages and disadvantages of the request.

- Chief Officers


Approval for modifications or alterations of an apparatus is required by who during the process?

- Bureau Commander Emergency Services Bureau
- Bureau Commander Training and Support bureau.


Final approval for modifications or alterations of an apparatus is required by who?

- Administrative Operations Chief Deputy.


No apparatus or vehicle shall be stored, delivered, or towed to the S&M shops unless previously arranged through_.

- Shop Office
* EXCEPTION: Apparatus may be towed to the shops by private contractor without prior approval from S&M.


An F-_ requesting repairs shall be created in SRS immediately _ arrangements are made with the _ to store, deliver, or tow an apparatus to the shops for repairs.

- after
- Shop Office


What shall the requisition include?

- Make
- Shop Number
- Assignment
- List of the needed repairs. (include all items recorded on F-377's that have not been repaired.)
* A phone call made to the shops should be done asap to inform them of needed repairs and location of apparatus.


On weekends and holidays, apparatus that are placed off duty due to either damage or needed repairs, shall be stored _ or _.

- In their own quarters
- At location vacated by the relief apparatus.


Log books shall remain _ when the apparatus is sent to the shops for repair.

- In quarters


The _ will forward, with the apparatus, a summary of repairs performed when it is returned to station, or as soon as possible. Responsible members shall transfer this information to the _ of the Service Logbook.

- Repair Record


All fittings, caps, reducers, etc on pump outlet and inlets are to be removed from apparatus prior to delivery to the Shops for repairs.