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What is NFPA 1962?

Standard for Care, Use, Inspection and Service Testing of hose and Couplings


What are the synthetic nitrile "all rubber" hoses the department tests on fire apparatus pumps annually?

-2" high rise
- pigtails
- 3" Ladder Pipe Hose


Who and when does the annual hose testing for hard suction hose and 2 1/2" high pressure high rise hose?

Test Pit Engineer during Annual Pump Test


New and repaired hose SHALL be tested _ after receipt by the Fire Station. (LAFD recommends testing be completed within _ of delivery.)

as soon as possible, 24 hours


Hose stored for longer than _ SHALL be tested before it is placed back into service.

1 year


When SHALL firefighting hand lines be changed when damp or dirty?

Within 24 hours


When SHALL fabric jacketed supply lines (by-passes and soft suctions) be changed?

Weekly or more frequently if damp and dirty


A physical inspection SHALL determine if the hose and couplings are free from _, and/or exhibit no evidence of _ or damage by _.

- debris, cuts and abrasions
- mildew, rot
- chemicals


What is the service life of hose?

10 years


When hose is in need of replacement who does station commanders contact for assistance?

Equipment Engineering Unit at the Supply and Maintenance Division


Heavily soiled hose may be washed using _ solution of concentrated liquid soap.

5% - 10%


How are damaged hoses supposed to be identified for location of the damaged area?

By wrapping the hose with black tape at the location(s) where repairs are needed.


The total length of any hose line being tested SHALL not exceed _ feet per outlet.



Total layout of the hose being tested shall be?

straight without kinks or twists.


What are the two reasons a hose line may burst under pressure according to the training bulletin?

- trapped air
- pump volume


What are the DOUBLE-jacketed RUBBER lined hoses on the department? What PSI are they tested at?

- Handlines: 1", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", and 2 1/2" : 400 psi
- By-passes and Soft Suctions: 300 psi


What are the SINGLE-jacketed synthetic nitrile rubber lined hoses on the department? What PSI are they tested at?

- 2" high rise, 2 1/2" high rise pigtails and 3" ladder pipe hose: 300 PSI
- 4" supply lines : 250 PSI


What re the SINGLE- jacketed THERMAL PLASTIC line hoses on the department? What PSI are they tested?**

- brush hose: 300 PSI
** Due to its light weight construction, recommended hose be tested on grass or light fuel bed surfaces to prevent damage to outer jacket.


What is the duration of the hose testing?

5 minutes


What is done to determine if coupling or collar have slipped during testing?

Prior to testing, a pen or marker should be used to mark around the full circumference at the end of each hose at the back of coupling.


Where should hoses be attached on rig for testing?



Are appliances such as a gated wye allowed while performing tests?



When starting the discharge gate and nozzle should be open slightly and the pressure SHALL be gradually raised to _ PSI. Some apparatus consider pumping in _

45 PSI, Volume


To avoid building excess heat within the pump casing what can be done after "Tank to Pump" valve is opened?

- Slightly open "Tank Fill"
- Use Recirculating Valve if equipped


After the hose test layout is full of water how shall the air be exhausted?

By raising the discharge end of each line ABOVE the highest point of the system.


With the hose at _PSI, check to see if any leaks from couplings and tighten with spanner if necessary.



The pressure SHALL be raised at a rate not greater than _ PSI per second until service test pressure is reached.



What are the Test Area safety distances and rules for personnel?

- Never stand directly within 15' in front of free end of hose
- Never stand closer than 15' on either side of hose
- Never straddle hose


After five minutes at service test pressure, the apparatus shall be throttled down to idle, discharge gates slowly closed, pump taken out of gear, engine idled for _ minutes before shut down, the nozzle opened and drained.



Once hose testing is complete what is the responsibility of the Station Commander?

- Journal entry into F-2
- Complete and forward F-129 Annual Hose Test Record