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What are scrubber systems?

Where contaminated air from various industrial processes are cleaned and dried before being exhausted into the atmosphere.


What do scrubber systems tell you?

That you are working above or around a vat or tank that contain vaporizing emissions of a hazardous nature.


A scrubber system may be installed for what type of chemicals?

- Corrosives
- Ammonia
- Sulfur Dioxide
- Oxides of Nitrogen
- Acid
- Caustics (Cause tissue destruction)
- Alcohol Vapors


Who is responsible to inspect these systems?

Air Quality Management District


What are the two types of ducting material you many find, and what does each indicated for?

-Fiberglass : Non flammable corrosive vapors
- Metal: Flammable vapors


How do scrubber systems work?

Evacuate air, put the contaminated air through a washer unit, and then dry it before exhausting to the atmosphere.


Where are the systems found in relation to buildings?

- Roof (most likely/smaller system)
- Ground level outside building (large systems)


What are the types of systems and how does each function?

1. Water Wash: Method- Particulate absorption, used for paint spraying operations.
2. Filtration: Method- Charcoal absorption used for vapor removal.
3. Chemical Neutralization: Method- Chemical absorption, used for chlorine Leakes etc.
4. Thermal Destruction: Method- Combustion chambers used for burning hydrocarbons.