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What safety equipment should be used at all time with use of a rotary saw?

- Gloves
- Goggles
- Helmet


What are the two hazards associated with the use of a rotary saw?

1. Blade continues to spin once throttle is released
2. Gyroscopic Effect


Hot sparks from saw cutting could be thrown as far as _.

15 feet


What can be used in conjunction with saw if sparks are a concern onscene?

Aluminized ceramic blanket ( Dimensions: 6'x8')


What are the two makes of rotary saws per TB #44?

- Partner K-1200 (14" blade)
- Homelite XL98 (12" blade)


What are the three basic types of blades?

- Carbide tipped blades (wood)
- Abrasive wheels blades (masonry/metal)
- Diamond blades (concrete)


What specifically can a tempered metal carbide tipped blade be used to cut?

- wood
- composition on roof
- lexan
- light sheet metals (door cladding, aluminum sheet)
*12" and 14" blades


What specifically can the masonry composition blade be used to cut?

- masonry
- back up blade for light metals
* identified with white or silver stripe
* 12" and 14" blades


What specifically can a metal composition blade be used to cut?

- metals for forcible entry
* identified by green blotter label.
* 12" and 14" blades


What specifically can a diamond blade be used to cut?

- reinforced concrete
- masonry
- mixed materials.
* 14" blade only


Should a diamond blade be used to cut metals?

NO. Avoid doing so because metals reduce blade life.


Diamond blades are expensive, fast cutting blades with a blend of hardened synthetic diamond material fastened to the outer edge. Arrows located near the hub indicate what?

Blade rotation


What is the rule of thumb in regards to using diamond blades?

Shall be used for emergency operations ONLY.


If a diamond blade is wanted for drilling purposes, who can we contact?

Battalion Headquarters. Each battalion will have one diamond blade for training purposes for entire battalion.


For best results as a rescue saw, why is the blade and guard mounted in the outboard position?

Allows cuts to be made in close proximity to walls, floors, etc.


The _ position is optimum for ventilation use.

* This position reduces blade bind


With the blade centered, the saw can be dragged through material, using the _ as a depth gauge and the lower portion of the _ as a pivot and skid.

- guard
- carrying handle


To avoid belt damage due to binding, what action needs to be taken by user?

Release throttle and immediately remove blade from cutting surface.


The rotary saw is excellent when used for cutting thick or heavy roof composition as found on _ or _ types of roof construction.

- flat
- older


Judgement should be used prior to operating a rotary saw on any roof that is more than slightly pitched because of what?

- Reduced reach
- Gyroscopic Effect


What is downside of using a rotary saw for ventilation?

Difficult to feel structural members when cutting.


A _ can be used to bring each blade type to the cutting site, providing greater flexibility to the operator.

Portable carrier


What are the spark plug clearances for Homelite and Partner Rotary Saws?

- Homelite: .025"
- Partner: .020"


If the tank has not been refueled in the previous _ days drain fuel and refill with fresh _ mix.

- 30
- 50:1


When do you send in a carbide tipped blade into Supply Maintenance for a replacement?

- Tip damage (missing tip)
- Sharpness (radius)


Compressed air or solvents should not be used to clean _ filters. Instead tap filter gently on the palm of your hand.



Rotary saw shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Particular attention should be paid to cylinder and head fins if soiled with molten tar. Use only approved cleaning agents. _ shall NOT be used.



Blades shall be measured and meet the following requirements for emergency use which are:

- Partner: Minimum 12" for 14"
- Homelite: Minimum 10" for 12"


Abrasive blades shall NOT be forwarded for exchange unless the total blade diameter is _ inches or less.



How should damaged blades be sent in?

With F-175 tag and the word "UNSAFE" marked on the blade.