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Objectives of an area canvas

Identify the offender

Identifying and locating evidence

Identifying Witnesses

Gathering information


Timing of a canvas phase

Area canvas should be conducted at the same time as the original offence occurred to capture people who regularly pass through the area at that time of day


4 locations for area canvas parameters


Location victim was last seen

Location frequented by victim

Premises within the line of sight of scenes


Resources and Canvas tools

Street maps

aerial photographs

geological information

local council records


What to brief about questionnaires

Summarise the situation and detail duties

Emphasize the need for thoroughness

The questionnaire is only a guide but should be flexible as info may lead to other questions

Evidence must be obtained in a formal statement

ensure all forms are completed

advise staff on what actions to take


How to motivate area canvas team

Provide regular feedback on how canvas enquiries are contributing to the investigation together with updates on progress


Purpose of monitoring progress

Evaluate quality

identify lines of enquiry

monitor progress

record progress


Alternative options to area canvas


Poster campaign

Mail drop

High profile police presence use caravan


Area canvas debrief to include

The locations enquiries were completed

Any intelligence obtained

What questions were asked

Relevant information provided by persons


Final report should include

Summary of all action taken

any significant findings

attention drawn to any action undertaken which was outside original strategy


Part A form

Street name

house number

flat number

personal details of occupants


Part B form

Personal details

home details

work details

answers to questions