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Key responsibilities of Disclosure manager

Ensure all relevant and discoverable material as provided to defence counsel

Ensure ongoing lawful justification to withhold exists for each document that is withheld

Manage Disclosure timeframes within the provisions of the ACT


Obligations when counsel is reassigned

Ensure the replacement counsel is provided with all material previously disclosed achieve by confirming they received all material from outgoing counsel or providing a fresh copy


10000 series documents

Formal statements

summary of facts

video interview transcripts

notebook entries


50000 series documents

Search warrant applications

CHIS reports

operation orders

alibi enquiries


Disclosure manager initial actions on appointment

Read the Disclosure managers desk file

Access the serious crime template

Report to the 2IC


Section 10 Disclosure ACT 2008

Disclosure may be supplied in whatever form that the person holds it in at the time of the request, provided it is readily accessible to the defendant.