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Responsibility of OC exhibits

Maintaining the physical security and continuity of all exhibits


What to establish in relation to an exhibit

Evidential value

investigative opportunities presented

further enquiries


Forensic strategy meetings

Are held to determine which exhibit or other forensic examinations are required and the priority of those examinations


Topics covered during a forensic strategy meeting

What examinations could be conducted

the priority of each examination

a plan for any work to be completed

an agreed reconstruction of the events relevant to the crime

whether any further work is needed to assist a reconstruction


Exhibits for trial

OC exhibits is responsible for arranging transportation of exhibits to and from court security at the venue and their production as directed by the prosecutor


Following a forensic strategy meeting

OC exhibits must record on the exhibits register all decisions about the types of examinations to be conducted and the priority allocated


Understanding of cross contamination

Trace evidence is readily transferred from one item to another. However if transferred via a third party this represents cross-contamination.

Movement of exhibits from must be recorded throughout the investigation.


Exhibit number Ranges

10000 = admin
15000 = victim
20000 = Witness
25000 = area canvas
30000 = scenes
70000 = Suspects


Scene exhibits schedule should record

Exhibit number

detailed description

operation name

Scene location

name of finder

date and time seized

where exhibit was found



Before taking charge of exhibits ensure the person who seized it has

Correctly preserved the exhibit

labelled it with an exhibit number

recorded it in the exhibit schedule

labelled packaged and sealed

assigned a unique exhibit number