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3 categories of suspect management

Identification and profiling

Arrests / termination



Briefing the suspect team

Circumstances of the offence

Details of persons of interest / Suspects

Descriptions of the suspect

Any MO / signatures identified


Sources of information on a suspect

Bank records


Vehicle GPS

Telephone information


Medical examination of a suspect the doctor must

Note any injuries

take samples of ( blood, saliva, head hair, body hair, fingernail scrapings, swabs of relevant areas)

swab hands for firearm residue

provide professional opinion on the suspects condition


Photographs of a suspect what to Direct

Front face and profile

full body length

any injuries

distinctive or identifying features


Explain status of suspect

Status is determined by OC investigation. Suspect is a person of interest who has gained added status because of a direct or indirect connection to the crime ie motive opportunity or means


Preventing cross-contamination between Suspects

Assign separate officers to each suspect

Transport Suspects in different vehicles

Place in separate cells

Package label and seal clothing before transferring to OC exhibits