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What regulation covers Army Body Composition Program?

AR 600-9


What is the primary objective of ABCP?

All soldiers achieve and maintain well being and performance


What is the secondary objective of ABCP?

Establish and maintain operational readiness, physical fitness, health and a professional military appearance.


What are the exemptions of ABCP

-Major limb loss
-Pregnant and post partum
- New recruits 180 days to achieve and maintain regulation


What is recommended to commanders for H/W, in regards to APFT?

Minimum of 7 days between APFT and weigh in


What does the ABCP offer?

-Exercise guidance IAW FM 7-22
-Nutritional Counseling
-Behavioral modifications


What actions will take place if a soldier is found to be out of compliance with AR 600-9?

-Soldier must be counseled within 3 working days - commander will initiate DA 268-Soldier will write a memo to the commander-Soldier will write Soldier Action Plan
- acknowledge reading US Army Public Heath command T.G.358
-provide date and time of nutritional counseling -approach in which soldier will achieve goals


How is progress monitored on the ABCP?

- Every 30 days
- Commander will provide additional support and guidance as needed


What is considered satisfactory progress on the ABCP?

- A Loss of 3-8 pounds a month And/or
- A loss of 1% body fat


What is considered unsatisfactory progress on the ABCP?

-Less that satisfactory for two consecutive months-If after 6 months the soldier still exceeds standards and less than satisfactory for 3 months (does not have to be consecutive)


What happens if a soldier is found to exceed standards (AR 600-9) within 12 months of removal?

If no know medical cause/condition, commander may initiate separation


What happens if a soldier is found to exceed standards (AR 600-9) 12-36 months after removal?

If no medical cause/condition soldier will be re-enrolled and have 90 days to meet the standard, if standards are not met within 90 days separation may be initiated by commander


How does pregnancy affect ABCP?

- if soldier is flagged and becomes pregnant, she will remain flagged
- if re-entered after pregnancy she will become a first time entry
-she is exempt for duration of pregnancy and 180 days following delivery


What is the allowed Body Fat % for 17-20 Y/O soldiers?

Males - 20%Females - 30%


What is the allowed Body Fat % for 21 - 27 Y/O soldiers?

Males - 22%Females - 32%


What are the Key components for ABCP?

-Decreased 500 calories/day
-Increased physical activity
-Behavioral modifications


What are the two elements of the human body?

1. Lean Body Mass- includes muscle, bone, and essential organ tissue.
2. Body Fat


How does Body Composition contribute to mission requirements?

Body composition is one indicator of physical readiness