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What army publication covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program?

AR 600-8-8


What is S-Gate?

S-Gate provides information for incoming soldiers entering the USAREUR theater of command, including who their sponsor is and how to contact them. It also includes pinpoint orders, welcome letter, needs assessment checklist and links to other useful USAREUR websites


What DA Form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands?

DA Form 5434 or the electronically generated DA Form 5434-E


How soon after the DA Form 5434 is received should a sponsor be assigned?

10 days unless the sponsorship is declined


What are general rules for appointing a sponsor?

The soldier should be of equal to or high ranking than the incoming soldierThe sponsor should be the same sex as the soldier The sponsor should be familiar with the unit or activity and community


What are 6 elements of the sponsorship program?

DA Form 5434Welcome letterACS relocation readiness servicesReceptionOrientationInprocessing


Should there be a sponsorship program for a soldier departing a unit?