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What is asepsis?

Absence of infectious organisms


What are the three things to check on a package before introducing to sterile field?

Package integrity, expiry date, and chemical indicator


Where is the scrub gown sterile?

2 inches below neck line to sterile field level
2 inches above elbow down to cuff


When should the sterile field be created?

As close as possible to time of use


What are the goals of aseptic technique?

Optimize primary wound healing
Prevent infection
Minimize length of surgical recovery time


What is cross contamination?

Transmission of microorganisms from pt to pt, pt to personnel, inanimate objects to pts, and vice versa


Why should blood or body fluid be picked up at time of spilage?

To prevent drying, spreading, and growth of microorganisms


What cleaning s should happen between cases?

Damp, disinfectant cleaning of all horizontal surfaces. Spot cleaning as required


Why should doors be kept close as much as possible during a surgery?

To keep confidentiality of pt
To keep good positive pressure in room
Freq opened doors can increase level of microbial contamination in OR


What should you do with fluids from the operative field?

Suction into suction container at end of case and dispose of at end of case in appropriate biohazard bag.


What are some examples of cross contamination?

Discarding contaminated suction containers without gloves
Going to sub sterile area with contaminated scrub gown on
Handling specimen jars with contaminated jugs


When should you wash your hands?

After contact with pt and before next pt
Before invasive procedures
Immediately after removing gloves
When hands are visibly soiled
After personal use of toilet or wiping nose


Where does decontamination start?

In OR with scrub nurse who cleans instruments of all gross blood/tissues before being sent for sterilization. Cannot sterilize dirt.


How are waste products disposed of?

Incineration or landfill