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Name the three phases of peri operative nursing

Pre-operative, intra-operative, post-operative


Who admits the pt to the hospital?

The day surgery nurse


Who admits the patient to the OR?

The circulating nurse in the OR


How do you identify a pt?

Ask them their name.
Check ID name and number on bracelet with chart. (Two identifiers)


What are the three allergies that are non-medicinal that are important to know?

Eggs, iodine, latex

There are eggs in propophol which is used to put pt to sleep


What should you check the chart for as the circulating nurse?

Consent signed and dated, pre-op tests, blood ordered, initial vitals, hx & physical


Why is it important to ask about implanted devices the pt may have?

Metal in body can affect current of cauterization


What does the surgeon need to do besides get a consent signed that could stop the pt from entering the OR if not done?

He needs to mark the designated operative site laterally or else the pt cannot come in the room until done. This is policy.


What happens in an emergency regarding obtaining a consent?

Consent is signed by both surgeon and anaesthesiologist after the procedure of no next of kin was available


Why is it important for a pt to be NPO, and how many hours should they be NPO before a surgery?

Risk of aspiration.
6-8 hrs for solids
2-3 hrs for clear fluids


How to safely transfer a pt to the OR table.

Brakes on both beds, assist pt in moving, safety strap on pt, ankles uncrossed.


What are some roles of the circulating nurse?

Apply nursing process, checks and opens sterile supplies, pt care and comfort, assist anesthetist, assist OR team, do OR documentation, identify enviro. dangers, maintain communication between team members.


What are the roles do the scrub nurse?

Maintain integrity, safety, and sterility of sterile field throughout operation.
Prepare and arrange instruments and supplies.
Do initial and closing counts with circulating nurse.
Anticipate changes through sx and communicate them to circulator.
Handles specimens.
Dissembles set up.


What knowledge should a perioperative nurse possess?

Anatomy and physiology
Physiologic alterations and their consequences
Intraoperative risk factors
Potential for pt injury
Psychological implicates of surgery
Provide safe and caring environment.


Six steps of the nursing process?

Nursing diagnosis
Outcome Identification


What is the focus of the assessment phase?

Current diagnosis
Previous hospitalization


What is outcome identification?

Desirable pt conditions achieved through nursing interventions.
Quantified and measurable.