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 A prostaglandins that stimulates the secretion of neurohormones is
A. Alprostadil (PGE1)
B. Dinoprost (PGF 2)
C. Dinoprostone (PGE2)
D. Carboprost (15 methyl PGF2α

C. Dinoprostone (PGE2) AKA Prostin E2, prepidil, and cervidil

PGE2 affects the secretion of neurohormone, e.g. release of FSH, LH, ACTH, TSH, prolactin, and growth hormone.


  • It acts on adenylyl cyclase w/ alpha s
  • it causes bronchodilation and decreased production of bronchial mucus
  • it's cytoprotective in the gut
  • it causes vasodilation
  • it's involved w/ potentiation of histamine and bradykinin-induced pain
  • it affects secretion of neurohormones
  • it inhibits release of norepi (NE) from postganglionic symp nerve endings
  • it induces fever via EP3 receptor
  • Dinoprostone is approved for inducing abortion in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy
  • it facilitates tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis through multiple biologic effects. 
  • it and PGF2alpha induce labor at term and are used to facilitate labor by promoting ripening and dilation of cervix before induction of labor w/ oxytocin
  • increased synthesis of it and PGF2alpa can cause dysmenorrhea



  • It's synthesis occurs in endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells
  • it increases cAMP levels
  • it increases bronchial mucus production
  • it's a vasodilator
  • it's a bronchodilator
  • it inhibits platelet aggregation
  • it induces plasminogen activator
  • it has cytoprotective effect
  • it inhibits Ca2+ mobilization
  • it and PGE2 sensitize the peripheral nerve endings to pain by increasing their terminal membrane excitability
  • Prostacyclin (epoprostenol) is used to treat severe pulmonary hypertension and occasionally used to prevent platelet aggregation in dialysis machines
  • epoprostenol is used in treatment of primary pulmonary hypertension

PGI2 AKA alprostadil (caverject, edex)



  • it's also known as dinoprost
  • it's also known as carboprost
  • it causes contraction of circular muscle in GI tract
  • it causes bronchoconstriction
  • it causes uterine contractions and is essential for the onset of parturition
  • along with PGE2, it  induces labor at term and use to facilitate labor by promoting ripening and dilation of the cervix before induction of labor with Oxytocin.
  • as carboprost, it's used to induced second-trimester abortions and to control postpartum hemorrhage.
  • increased synthesis of it and PGE2 during menstruation leads to dysmenorrhea
  • latanoprost is a derivative of it. latanoprost is used to treat glaucoma.