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What is onsite supervision?

supervisor is on site and present in facility; they are immediately available to assist; maintain continued involvement


What is a PTA?

person who performs PT procedures and related tasks that have been selected and delegated by genreal supervising PT

PTA can document care without co-sign of supervising PT


What is a PT aide?

person trained under direction of on-site PT and who performs designated and supervised routine PT tasks


What is general supervision?

supervising PT is on-call and readily available (**within 15 mintues**) via telecommunications when PTA is providing treatment


What is on-call?

supervising PT is able to go to the location and on the same day that a PTA provides a selected treatment intervention if the PT, after consultation with PTA, determines that going to the location is in the best interest of the patient


What is onsite supervision?

PT who provides onsite supervision


How long does the Board have to acknowledge receipt of criticism?

within 15 days


Why can the Board deny a license?

applicant knowingly making false statement
committing fraud
committing a felony
engaging in conduct that subverts or undermines the integrity of the exam
engaging in conduct that would be considered a violation of disciplinary actions


When will the board reinstate a license of an inactive status?

>3 years - must reapply for license and show proof of:
-practice under interim permit
-complete remedial courses
-complete CEUs for period of lapsed license
-passing an exam


What is an interim permit?
How long is it?

allows person to practice for specific period of time and under conditions prescribed by the board before the person is issued a license, supervised only by on-site licensed PT
at least 500 hours within 90 days - 6 months


Who are exempt from licensure requirements?

PT students
PTs working in US armed forces
PT licensed elsewhere if person is performing PT in connection with teaching or edu seminar for not more than 60 days in any 12 month period
a/a if providing PT for athletic team, organisation, performing arts company for not more than 60 days within 12 month period
if licensed in another state and providing therapy to victims of declared disaster or emergency and no more than 60 days. must register with board


When is the renewal application due?
What other info must be included?

on or before August 31 of an even-numbered year including following?
-name, updated addresses, email., phone numbers
-statement of criminal offenses etc
-proof of 20 hours of CEU for previous compliance


How long must you send written notice of any changes?

no later than 30 days after the date of change of address or phone number


What are the restrictions to a restricted license?

-scope of practice
-place of practice
-supervision of practice
-duration of licensed status or type of condition of patient to whom the licensee may provide services


What might the board require a person to demonstrate competency through?

-practice under intermin permit
-complete courses
-complete CEUs
-take and pass exam


What is the compliance period?

two year license renewal cycle that ends August 31 of even-numbered years


What are the required contact hours?

-at least 10 hours from Category A. No more than 5 hours nonclincal work
-no more than 10 hours from category B or C. No more than 5 hours nonclinical work
-if licensee's initial license for one year or less, 10 contact hours are required


When will the board waive CEUs?

illness, disability, active military duty
must provide written explanation


What is the board auditing process?

-random notice of audit sent within 60 days following the license renewal deadline
-within 30 days, licensee submits evidence of compliance of CEUs
-documentation includes:
date, place, course title, sponsor, schedule, presenter, number of contact hours, proof of completion
-board will notify licensee within 30 days if evidence sufficient
-if not sufficient, licensee has 6 months to complete requirements


How long must a licensee retain evidence of CEUs?

for the previous 2 compliance periods (4 years)


What are Category A CEUs?

CEUs approved by: accredited medical, health care, or PT program, state or national associations, national speciality society

-PT course designed to provide understanding of current research, clinical skills, admin, or edu related to practice of PT
-coursework towards granting/renewal of PT clinical specialty cert
-coursework in residency program
-coursework in postgrad PT program


What are Category B CEUs?

-study group (2 hours = 1 contact hour)
-self-instruction: correspondance course, video, internet, satellite program (1 hour = 1 contact hour)
-inservice edu: including CPR (1 hour = 1 contact hour)

All max 5 hours


What are Category C CEUs?

-management coursework
-teaching/lecturing (1 hour = 2.5 contact hours)
- publication (10 contact hours for referred journal; 5 hours for non referred)

Max 5 hours


What information must be included in referral to another practitioner?
In what timeframe?

assessment, diagnosis, POC
within 1 week of initial eval
(in writing and cop in patient record; orally and note of verbal comm in patient record)


During initial exam, you must communicate following to patient:

-exam findings
-evaluation of findings
-diagnosis and prognosis
-inform patient they are free to select another PT provider


When do you use the titles PT, DPT, (retired)?

PT - licensed under this chapter
DPT - immediately after PT
(Retired) - retired and not licensed


PT must provide 3 steps of service:

-initial eval and doc
-periodic reeval and doc
-doc discharge, including response to therapy intervention at time of discharge


The onsite supervising PT will do the following of an interim permit holder?

-rate permit holder no later than 55 days of the clinical practice as the midpoint
-no later than 30 days after the completion of hours for completion rating
-make recommendations as needed

Board will (at mid point and completion) decide if permit holder needs more supervision or not


How many people can a licensed PT supervise?

3 assistive personnel:
-one must be a PTA
-no more than 2 PTAs
-assistive personnel other than PTA must perform tasks only under onsite supervision


What are the requirements of a PTA in order for supervising PT to provide general supervision?

2000 hours of onsite supervision


How often must a supervising PT perform a reeval for a patient being seen by PTA?

every 4th treatment visit or every 30 days


What are the minimum standards of patient records?

-accurately dated
-signed with name and legal designation
-contains sufficient info: identity of patient on each page, justify therapy intervention, doc results of intervention, indicate advice or warnings provided, enable another PT to assume the patients care, patients med hx
-supervising PT co-signs (not PTA)
-if editing, erroneous info remains legible, dates and initials of person making edit


What does the plan of care include?

-proposed therapy intervention
-measurable goals
-frequency and duration of therapy intervention


When do you perform a reeval?

-when patient fails to progress as expected
-progresses sufficiently to warrant a change in POC
-every 30 days
-every 4 visits


How long does the board have to notify a licensee of received complaint?
How long does the licensee have to respond?

90 days
same 90 days for board to review complaint

30 days for licensee to respond


If a hearing is ordered, how long after that decision will the hearing be?

30 days after the date of the notice to licensee
Same 30 days the licensee has to respond to board in receipt of notice of hearing


If served with a subpoena, licensee has how much time to object?

5 days after service of subpoena or at beginning of hearing if less than 5 days
must be written objection


When can a rehearing be requested?

by licensee at any time before the Board rules on the motion

by board, no later than 30 days


How long after ordering a rehearing must the new hearing be held?

within 60 days after the issue date on the order granting a rehearing


If license is suspended, revoked, voluntary surrendered, how long must license be returned?

10 days after receipt of final order


If a person claims to practice PT when not licensed, what would they be charged with?

class 1 misdemeanor


What information does the public have access to regarding licensee's?

-list of licensees and permit holders influding place of practice, license number, date of license expiration, status of license
-same for PTA
-public records (including board meetings, disciplinary actions)


Where must you display your license?

copy of license or current renewal certification to be displayed in location accessible to public view at place of practice or available on request