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what are the roles of the hormones released in the pituitary gland (4)

controls growth in children
stimulates thyroid gland to make thyroxine to control metabolism
stimulates ovaries to produce and release eggs and make oestrogen
stimulates testes to make sperm and testosterone


what is the role of thyroxine released in the thyroid

controls metabolic rate


what is the role of insulin released in the pancreas

controls blood glucose levels


how does the pituitary gland work

acts as a master gland and secretes different hormones into the blood in response to changes in body conditons


what is glucagon

a hormone that stimulates the liver to break down glycogen into glucose


what is insulin

a hormone produced by the pancreas that allows glucose to move from the blood into the cells where it is used


what happens when glycogen stores in the liver and muscles are full

the excess glucose gets stored as lipids. If this keeps happening you will eventually become obese


what is the difference between the roles of insulin and glucagon

insulin removes glucose from the blood into the cells to lower blood glucose levels and glucagon converts glycogen into glucose to be secreted into the blood when blood glucose levels are low


what is type 1 diabetes

when the pancreas does not make enough insulin so blood glucose levels are not controlled (too high). This is the genetic type


what are symptoms of type 1 diabetes

kidneys excrete glucose in the urine so you produce a lot of urine and feel thirsty a lot. Also glucose can't get into the cells so you lack energy so the body breaks down fat and protein for energy causing weight loss


what is type 2 diabetes

the pancreas makes energy but not enough. Mainly though your body cells stop responding to the insulin that you make


what are problems with pancreatic transplants

limited success rates so far
lots more people with T1 diabetes than donors
receivers are swapping one medication (insulin) with another (immunosuppressants)


how can people adapt their lifestyle to help cure their T2 diabetes

balanced diet (controlled amount of carbs)
losing weight
regular exercise


what is FSH

follicle stimulating hormone- causes the eggs in the ovary to mature and the ovary to produce oestrogen


what is LH

lutenising hormone- stimulates the release of the egg at ovulation


what does oestrogen do

stimulate the build up of the uterus lining and the release of LH and inhibits FSH


what does progesterone do

produced by the empty follicle after ovulation. Maintains the lining of the uterus for about 10 days and inhibits FSH and LH


how does ivf work

FSH and LH are used to stimulate the maturation of eggs that are then collected, fertilised, allowed to start development and then replaced in the uterus


how do plants grow the right way up regardless of the way the seed falls

plant roots are sensitive to gravity so grow downwards and plant shoots are sensitive to light and gravity so they grow towards light and away from gravity


what is phototropism

the response of a plant to light


what is gravitropsim or geotropsim

the response of a plant to gravity


what is auxin

the plant hormone that controls plant responses


what are gibberellins

plant hormones that are important in initiating seed germination. They trigger the breakdown of the food stores in the seed at the start of germination. They also stimulate the growth of plant stems


why is auxin used as a weed killer

it naturally stimulates growth in plants. If you spray it into leaves it is absorbed and causes them to grow rapidly and uncontrollably, killing them


what is the process of taking a cutting

take a small piece of stem and place it in specially prepared compost or soil. New roots should form at the base of the stem to form a complete small plant. By dipping the end of the cutting into rooting powder, success chances are increased as it contains auxin


what are 3 uses of gibberellins

used in the brewing industry to speed up germination of barley seeds

used to promote flowering

used to increase size of fruit


what is ethene used for

to help ripening of fruit