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define photosynthesis

the process that takes place in the green parts of plants when it's light, in order to make food


what is the word equation for photosynthesis

carbon dioxide + water = glucose + oxygen


where is chlorophyll found

in the chloroplasts in the cells of algae and leaves


how is carbon dioxide and water converted into glucose

energy is transferred from the environment to chloroplasts by light and then used to covert carbon dioxide and water to glucose


what type of reaction is photosynthesis

endothermic- requires an input of energy from the surroundings to take place


what is done with the glucose not used for respiration

it is stored as insoluble starch


what are some adaptations of leaves

broad- big surface area to absorb light

thin- short diffusion distance for gases

chlorophyll in chloroplasts- absorbs light

veins- carries water to leaves and removes products of photosynthesis

air spaces- co2 can get to cells and o2 can leave

guard cells- open and close stomata to regulate gas exchange


what is a limiting factor

things that when in short supply can limit the amount of photosynthesis a plant can manage


why is carbon dioxide often a limiting factor

because the atmosphere only contains 0.04%


why do carbon dioxide concentrations rise at night

because plants respire in the dark but they don't photosynthesise


what colour does starch turn iodine solution



why do plants and algal cells need nitrate ions absorbed from the soil

to make amino acids used to make proteins used for growth


why do people use greenhouses

because they can control the environment for their plants and get rid of limiting factors


what is hydroponics

when plants are grown in water with a perfect balance of nutrients instead of soil