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[B318.2 Fire Watch]

On scene personnel will determine the need for establishment of a fire watch using the AFD Fire Watch Guidelines, in conjunction with consultation from who?

Emergency Prevention Division

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Fire watch will normally be conducted by who?

Licensed security officer or building employees

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Who may require a fire watch to ensure the safety of the occupants in circumstances not covered by the Fire Watch Guidelines?

Emergency Prevention

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Where can a printable version of the AFD Fire Watch Guidelines be obtained?

Emergency Prevention's website on Firenet

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Who should the Company Officer contact if a system is found to be impaired or inoperable?

On-call Inspector

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Where should it be documented if it is determined that a fire watch is required?

On the AFD Inspection Form

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

When fire watch is required, the fire code violation documented should be listed as:

5S - Fire protection system/life safety system does not meet AFD approval

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

When turning over a fire watch to an approved person, their name and contact number should be given to who:

The on-call inspector

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Following completion, the inspection report info should be entered in RMS as a:

Complaint Inspection

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

When entering it in RMS, Lock the inspection as ________ and refer it to ______ _______ in order to create a pending inspection. A follow up ______ should be sent to prevention advising of the situation:


-Fire Prevention


[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Who should be notified when an operations company is required to conduct a fire watch?

Shift Commander

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

If an operations company will be needed to perform fire watch for an extended period of time, what should be utilized?

A reserve apparatus and added time personnel

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Who is responsible for billing the property owner?


[B318.2 Fire Watch]

When a fire watch is established, the On-call Prevention Inspector should notify Fire Dispatch to request what kind of incident be created in CAD?

Fire Protection System (FPS)

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Who will approve discontinuing fire watch?


[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Who determines the number of people required for a fire watch?


[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Building/Occupancy employees and/or licensed security personnel conducting fire watch must have what?

2-way communication capabilities to alert 911

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

A licensed security company contracted to perform fire watch duties is required to:

Notify AFD in writing that they have been hired to perform the duties

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

What will be included in the notification from the security company when submitting for fire watch?

1. Address

2. Business/Occupancy name

3. Dates

4. Times

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

Fire watch personnel are required to keep a ______ and log all activities every _____ minutes:


-30 minutes

[B318.2 Fire Watch]

When can in-house personnel be able to perform fire watch of a place that is required to have a licensed security company perform fire watch (3)?

1. After normal business hours

2. Weekends

3. Holidays

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