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[B207 Air Tech Response]

How many air techs are on call after hours?


[B207 Air Tech Response]

An on-call Air Tech will respond code-1 automatically to these (4) alarm types after hours:

1. All structure fires 2nd alarm or greater

2. Hazmat alarm: 2nd alarm

3. Working high-rise alarm

4. Alert 3 Level 2

[B207 Air Tech Response]

What days and hours are considered after hours?

1700 - 0700 Monday-Thursday and weekends from 1700 Friday to 0700 Monday

[B207 Air Tech Response]

When will Air Techs handle SCBA and face piece repair/replacements?

Normal business hours

[B207 Air Tech Response]

Who may authorize the call back of an Air Tech if there are multiple working fires, air bottle stocks are running low, or after hour SCBA replacement?

Shift Commander

[B207 Air Tech Response]

When must requests for air and O2 bottles be in for restock before weekends or holidays to happen?

By 1300 on Fridays (or the day before holidays)

[B207 Air Tech Response]

Who will ensure that all apparatus have their assigned number of SCBAs before the weekend?

Air Shops

[B207 Air Tech Response]

Requests for spare or replacement of air packs should be requested when to get it taken care of before the weekend or holidays?

By 1300 on Fridays (or the day before holidays)

[B207 Air Tech Response]

Resupply of bottle will begin at what time on weekday mornings?


[B207 Air Tech Response]

An on call Air Tech will be available after hours by what 3 means?

1. Telephone

2. Pager

3. Radio

[B207 Air Tech Response]

Who is responsible for verifying the after hour response of an air tech?


[B207 Air Tech Response]

Who will dispatch contact if the on call Air Tech requests an additional Air Tech at an incident scene?

The Operations Support Chief or Lieutenant

[B207 Air Tech Response]

How many Air Techs are guaranteed to respond after hours?


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