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[B205 Safety Officer Response]

The primary responsibility of the Safety Officer at every incident is to ensure the safety of:


[B205 Safety Officer Response]

The Safety Officer may respond to any call type based on what:

Size up info

[B205 Safety Officer Response]

What (4) call types will Safety Officers be designated to respond to?

1. Box Alarms

2. High-rise Alarms

3. Technical Rescue Alarms

4. Hazardous Materials Incidents

[B205 Safety Officer Response]

Who retains the function of Safety Officer until properly delegated to another party utilizing the ICS?

Incident Commander

[B205 Safety Officer Response]

Who (3 options) may the Incident Commander consider utilizing for the Safety Officer position when the Safety Officer is not available?

1. Rescue Captain

2. FTO

3. BC

[B205 Safety Officer Response]

The Safety Officer's primary responsibility during a firefighter injury is:

-Patient advocacy

-Injury investigation

[B205 Safety Officer Response]

Who will maintain primary responsibility for their personnel and may manage a firefighter injury, from start to finish, if they are able to do so?


[B205 Safety Officer Response]

What is still required if a BC decides to manage the injury from start to finish?

-Safety Officer notification 

-Injured firefighter paper work

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