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[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

A quint is a fire apparatus with what 5 features?

1. An aerial device

2. Full complement of ground ladders

3. Full complement of fire hose

4. Water tank

5. Fire pump

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

Which side of an aerial can be short jacked or short set?

Opposite side the aerial is raised

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

What is the scrub area?

Area that can be reached effectively with the aerial device

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

If equipped with a pinnable waterway, the monitor will be carried in what position all the time?

Rescue position

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

What (3) safety equipment items should be used when operating from the aerial ladder or platform?

1. Ladder belt

2. Fold down foot plate

3. Appropriate PPE

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

At a minimum, what PPE should the turntable operator wear?


[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

This should be in place any time the aerial device is in motion during a non-emergency situation:


[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

When movement of the ladder is necessary while someone is on the ladder, no movement will occur until:

Communication is confirmed and repeated

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

Movement of the aerial from the turntable with personnel on the ladder shall be limited to:

Elevation and rotation

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

What is the usual capacity of the aerial ladder platform while not flowing water?

750 lbs

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

What is the capacity of the aerial platform while flowing water?

500 lbs

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

How many firefighters can be on the platform while flowing water?


[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

Aerials should remain at least ___ feet from overhead power lines unless the utility company verifies the power is off. Even then, never operate an aerial within ____ feet of overhead wires:

-15 feet

-10 feet

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

The safest manner to operate elevated master streams is to control the aerial monitor _______, with the aerial ladder unmanned:


[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

AFD monitors have the capability of being controlled from:

The turntable or a handheld remote device

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

It is imperative that the firefighter on the tip of the ladder while flowing water be in radio communication with who?

The turntable operator and the Division Officer under which the aerial is operating

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

What type of aerial should be called for non-AFD personnel request for ladder use?

An aerial platform

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

What safety equipment must civilians wear when on the aerial?

Helmet and ladder belt

[B107.1 Aerial Ladder Safety]

Aerial ladders are not designed for what type of loads?

Lateral loads

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