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[B401.1 Radio Communications]

What are the 3 channels for incidents requiring tactical communications?

1. Primary tactical channel

2. Alternate tactical channel

3. An incident Emergency Channel

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

Upon arrival at the incident, all first alarm companies on multiple unit incidents will report ___ ______ over the radio and ensure what?

-On Scene

-Ensure that the MDC status is changed to "on-scene"

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

For fire incidents, first alarm companies will report on scene and what else over the radio?

Their initial tactical assignment

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

All working incidents will have what established and communicated to all personnel?

Emergency communications plan

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

Which way to verify the tactical channel when responding is the only correct way when responding to multiple alarm incidents?

The rebroadcast info

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

The tactical channels are located in what zones?

2, 3, and 4

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

Tactical channels are issued in sets of:


[B401.1 Radio Communications]

Fire dispatch will only announce which channel?

The primary tactical channel

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

All companies assigned to the incident on first alarm should communicate on which channel unless directed by command to use another?

The primary tactical channel

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

Multiple alarm companies responding to an incident or arriving at the incident base shall communicate on which channel?

The alternate tactical channel

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

Companies executing move-ups will execute those moves on the _____ and communicate those on what channel?


-The home channel of the station to which they are moving

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

When contacting an apparatus's firefighter, how should they be designated on the radio?

Apparatus number + firefighter + task

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

What should a company or member do on the radio to indicate they are ready to receive a message?

Identify themselves

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

When using the term "received" on the radio, it should be followed by what?

A brief summary of the message

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

what term should not be used to indicate that a message was understood?


[B401.1 Radio Communications]

If am Engine Company Officer needs to get a radio message to command, what is the proper way of doing so?

Through the chain of command (i.e. Division supervisor, then the division supervisor to the operations chief, then operations chief to command)

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

Additional radio traffic by Liaison and Support personnel at an incident shall normally be conducted on what channel?

FireCom North or any channel other than the primary channel

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

What will Fire Dispatch do when Command requests "Priority radio traffic only"?

Acknowledge and repeat the order

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

During the Priority Radio Traffic Only order, who may communicate on the primary channel?

1. Fire Dispatch

2. Officers

3. Members in an ICS position

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

During the Priority Radio Traffic Only order, what is the exception to who can communicate on the primary channel?

A member may acknowledge that an order given by an officer was received, or report a Mayday

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

During the Priority Radio Traffic Only order, who has the priority on the primary tactical channel?

Command and Operations

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

During the Priority Radio Traffic Only order, Dispatch will discontinue doing what?

Repeating radio traffic

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

During the Priority Radio Traffic Only order, any communication that can be done _____ __ _______ of the incident should be done that way:

Face to face

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

What shall Command announce when they wish to end Priority Radio Traffic Only?

Resume normal radio traffic

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

What will fire dispatch do when Command announces "Resume normal radio traffic"?

Acknowledge and repeat

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

What channel will normally be the back-up tactical channel in case of a channel failure?

The alternate channel assigned to the incident

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

What 2 communications plans should be incorporated into every IAP?

1. Radio communications plan

2. Emergency back-up radio communications plan

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

When should the primary tactical radio channel be announced on scene?

During the initial size-up, and every transfer of command

[B401.1 Radio Communications]

The radio system is built with several layers of:


[B401.1 Radio Communications]

What will dispatch do in the event the primary tactical channel becomes unusable?

Announce "Emergency Traffic - Failure of Primary Channel" over all 3 radio channels in the set

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