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What is distribution of species affected by?

- the presence of other living organisms such as predators or herbivores, which eat them
- physical factors such as soil type and water availability


What is biodiversity?

The variety of different species living in a habitat is called biodiversity.


What are the two types of ecosystems?

- natural, such as lakes and native woodland
- artificial, such as fish farms and forestry plantations


What are artificial ecosystems?

Artificial ecosystems have been made by humans.


What are ecosystems?

A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.


What is a habitat?

A habitat is where a plant or animal lives.


What is a community?

A community is all of the animals and plants together living in e.g a garden.


What is a population?

A population is the number of a particular organism in the community.


What is a transect line?

A line across an area to sample organisms.


What is biodiversity?

The variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat


Do natural ecosystems have large or low biodiversity?

Natural ecosystems have a large biodiversity.


What is the difference between an ecosystem and and a habitat?

An ecosystem describes living things and their environment but a habitat describes the place where the living things live.


What do self supporting systems provide?

- a wide variety of food
- food throughout the year
- shelter at different heights above ground or depth in water
- a natural environment


Explain why a forestry plantation of pine trees will have a low biodiversity.

They will have a low biodiversity because small plants cannot compete for light and will die.


What does zonation mean?

The categorization animals based on their distribution in a habitat as determined by environmental factors.


What is zonation caused by?

Zonation is caused by abiotic factors.


What is a pooter?

A poster is a small resealable jar used for collecting insects.


What is a pitfall trap?

A pitfall trap is a small jar that is buried within the ground and lightly covered with leaves or grass so small animals will fall in and cannot escape.


What is capture and recapture?