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what are the 6 types of markets available in AUS?1

o Weaner Sales

o Feedlots

o Slaughter

o Re-stocker (Breeding Cattle)

o Trade cattle

o Live cattle – eg. heifers to Russia.


what is the min and max weight for feedlots?

 min weight 320kg max 500kg depending on market


when do you sell in regards to feed supply?

- follow feed supply to maximise weight gain for sale
- weaner sales
o jan to april
- store cattle feedlots
o march to December
- finished cattle to slaughter
o june to December


what markets do lighter cattle go to



what is the relation of fat depth to market?

higher fat undesirable.
lower fats scores to feeder markets


what cattle are targeted to live export/

heavier weights, slighter higher fat depths permissible


what is penalised at feedlots?

o smaller number of head
o too heavy or too light
o breed
 angus more popular
o age


What is MSA and what is its role in market specs?

o meat grading system
o producers accredited, carcass graded
o pay to be MSA accredited


what are some breed specific markets?

wagyu, CAAB, prime Hereford
o higher premium for some breeds


what are the specs for EU

o lifetime traceability, no hormones


what is the premium associated with pasture fed?

pay to be accredited.
more desirable for markets such as USA


what are the 3 main options for market types?

- Auction Selling
o Saleyards
 yard fees, agent fees, transport costs etc.
o On-line
- Direct contract
o OTH – Over the hooks (slaughter)
o Feedlot
- Private treaty
o Other producers
o Bulls


what are the terms used for market sales?

o Cents/kg liveweight, $/hd, cents/kg carcass weight