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5 reasons for religious upbringing leading to belief in God

1. Baptism- welcomed
2. Attending church- routine
3. Family tradition- respect
4. Sunday school- biased
5. Celebration of religious festivals


5 reasons for belief in God

1. Religious upbringing
2. Religious experience
3. Miracles
4. Prayer
5. Experience of the world


Quotes on religious upbringing

- honour you father and your mother
- the family if the community in which, from childhood, one can lean moral values, begin to honour God and make good use of freedom


Religious experiences (7)

- numinous/transcendent
- miracle
- conversion/regenerative
- charismatic (holy sport descends)
- mystical (experience of divine)
- near death (seeing God)
- prayer (connection)


Miracles leading to belief in God and example

- natural law is broken and so no other cause but God
- God wants the best for thiests
- Morgan lake of Dunkirk
- gives an ideal picture of God
- you are experiencing God
- biblical= Jesus feeding 5000 ppl with 2 fish and 5 bread


5 types of prayer

1. Adoration
2. Intercession
3. Thanksgiving
4. Petition
5. Penitence/confession


Quotes for unanswered prayer

- Ask and will it be given to you, seek and you will find, knock the door will be open to you- Matthew 7:7.8
- God does listen to all odour prayers but he doesn't always answer in the way we expect him to


Examples of experiences of the world (4)

1. Design
2. Causation
3. Meaning of life
4. Religion+belief


Meaning of life to belief in God

- reason for existence
- beings order and discipline
- brings purpose
- brings ability to make impact
- brings goal- heaven


Meaning of life quote

- do not merely look out for your own personal interest but also for the interest of others- Philippians 2:4


4 reasons for not believing in God

1. Problems with miracles
2. Unanswered prayer
3. Explanation for universe
4. Evil and suffering


Problems with miracles

- other explanations for improbable situation


Unanswered prayer to loss of belief

- God doesn't care enough
- disrespectful when someone has devoted life to religion
- God has clearly been immanent- maybs he doesn't exist anymore?


Philosophers for no belief in God

1. Freud God=wish/dream
2. Nietzsche God=superstition
3. Feuerbach God= man made
4. Science 'god of the gaps'


4 arguments against evil and suffering

1. Free will defence
2. Preparing believers for heaven
3. God works in mysterious ways
4. Original sin


Free will defence

Evil and suffering was caused my God in order to give humans free will and the right/ability to make the right decision


Preparing believes for heaven

Bad happens so good can result and evil and suffering will cease in heaven


God works in mysterious ways

People should trust God's love and not question in. Jesus had to suffer


Quote for preparation for heaven

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. They will be no more death or mourning it crying or pain


Original sin

Adam and Eve created evil and sin in the garden of Eden


Cosmological argument

- universe is something
- it must come from something
- something cannot come from nowhere hung
- infinite chain of cause and effects isn't possible
- there must be a first cause
- this is God


Suffering is a punishment for sin

- people must deserve punishment
- evil is deliberate
- why does God make us suffer


Free will

God puts evil in world
He does intervene so we have free will
Natural evil is still a problem


Balance of nature

- world must be balanced
- God lets there be evil
- evil is natural
- people benefit
- why would God want is to suffer though


Absence of good

- evil is the absence of good
- all things were created as good but free will turned it evil


Media on belief in God (can affect)

Brings attention to issues and makes watcher less dismissive
Gives one sided attitude so can stop watcher seeing any problems
Examples and evidence after thinking about believing in God may tip them


Media on belief in God (can't affect)

Education gives us perspective so people won't be changed by one show
People are aware of the bias and so take this into account when watching
Not enough impact- people normally convert through a miracle


How can tv change a persons attitude toward God

Give a different view point and explanation for this and so may stop dismissive attitude of watcher
Gives 1 sided argument so very persuasive as problems aren't shown
Gives examples and evidence so could tip an agnostic watcher


Dawkins- root of all evil

Religion leads to terrorism
Think everyone should stop believing
Religion doesn't exist and shouldn't be followed
Science contradicts religion and can't both be believed


Quotes against unanswered prayer

Your father already knees what you need before you ask him- Matthew
If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in your prayers
I think prayer world indirectly. Communicating with God helps us find answers within ourselves