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RCC on euthanasia

- totally against active
- equivalent to murder which is forbidden
- passive is sometimes accepted
- if medications first intention is not to kill
- principle of the double effect


Church of England on euthanasia

- opposed to changes in law
- assisted suicide can be accepted
- suffering must be met with compassion
- sanctity of life, gods plan


Quote for RCC on euthanasia

Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God- Pope John Paul II, 1995


Quakers of euthanasia

- no United view
- some make living wills
- die with dignity
- try to act with compassion
- Jesus- agape love


Methodist on euthanasia

- strongly opposed
- God have humans life
- concerned about medical staff
- compassionate to those in lain
- investigating living wills


Baptists on euthanasia

- generally against
- life is sacred
- worth preserving
- Jesus accepted suffering
- preserve and cherish life
- similar to abortion
- passive sometimes allowed with no chance of recovery
- don't agree with principle of double effect


Quotes for Methodists on euthanasia

god gives and god takes away- job 1:21
we need to provide better care for the dying rather than kissing them of early- Methodist 1974
God made man in his image- genesis


Secular for euthanasia (7)

1. Autonomy over boy
2. Wrong to prolong suffering
3. Hippocratic oath is out of date
4. Animals put down
5. Happens anyway- million dollar baby
6. Dying with dignity
7. Money and medical staff/resources wasted


Secular against euthanasia (7)

1. Sanctity of life
2. Slippery slope
3. Death shouldn't be encouraged
4. Hippocratic oath- do no harm
5. Murder
6. Doctors don't have right
7. Difficult to regulate


Laws of euthanasia (for)

- respects sanctity of life and makes people respect gift of life
- slippery slope argument
- medical staff aren't pressured


Laws on euthanasia (against)

- wrong to prolong suffering
- autonomy over bodies
- happens if it's illegal (million dollar baby)


Quote for life is God given

So God created human beings, making them like himself, he made them male and female- genesis 1:27


Quote for human life is precious

Aren't 5 sparrows sold for 2 pennies? Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by God. Even the hairs on your head have been counted. So do not be afraid; you are worth much more that many sparrows!- Luke 12:6-7


Quote for God has a plan

You saw me before i was born. The days allotted to me were recorded in your book- psalm 139:13-16


Quote for all life deserves respect

Surely you know that you are Gods temple and gods spirit lives in you! So if anyone destroys Gods temple, God will destroy him. for gods temple is holy and you yourself are his temple- Corinthians 3:16-17


Quote for life shouldn't be destroyed

Thou shall not commit murder- Decalogue


When was abortion legal

After 1968 in Britain


Criteria for a abortion decision

Two doctors must agree it's needed
Carried out on registered premises
Baby isn't yet capable of surviving


Law in the UK for euthanasia

- unlawful
- manslaughter/murder
- penalty life imprisonment
- assisted suicide is legal
- mercy killing rarely prosecuted against
- professionals can supply unlimited supply of drugs


Law in the Switzerland for euthanasia

- illegal
- assisted suicide legal
- motive not selfish
- lethal drug dosages permitted
- strict criteria must be applied


Law in the Netherlands for euthanasia

- physician assisted suicide
- euthanasia both legal
- must be in unbearable pain
- must be conscious
- must be voluntary
- must be given alternatives
- must be no other solutions
- more than one person to decide
- doctor can only kill


Million dollar baby which denomination

Clear strong opposition
Priest tells frankie to 'leave it to god'
RCC vs agape


Kant on life after death

- Emmanuel Kant
- summun bonum
- moral behaviour is rational if justice is done
- God must exist for good to be rewarded and bad punished


Examples for secular views on euthanasia

- terry prachett wants peaceful death
- liberation argument- if an action promote the best interest of everyone governed and violates no one rights then that action is morally acceptable


Law on abortion UK

Two doctors must agree that continuing the pregnancy would pose a risk to the physical or mental health if mother, physical or mental health to existing family, child is likely be born with disabilities


Increase in abortions

1971- 94,570
2001- 176,364


CofE on abortion views and quote

Generally opposed- circumstance
'In an imperfect world the 'right choice' is sometimes the lesser of two evils'


RCC on abortion views and quote

- highly against
- only God can give/take life
- 'abortion is a horrible crime' (catechism of Catholic Church)


Pro choice abortion argument (4)

1. Women's right to choose
2. Quality of life
3. The doctrine of double effect
4. Population growth


Methodist on abortion views and quote

- supports people
- situation ethics
- we have technology (use it)
- life doesn't begin at conception
- 'termination if pregnancy may be the lesser of two evils'