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Plato and his influence

Idealism / essentialism


Aristotle and his influence

Scala Nature (scale of nature)


Cuvier's influence



Malthus' influence

struggle for existence


Lamarck's influence

Evolution by acquired characteristics


Darwin's influnce

evolution by natural selection


Wallace's influence

Independently hypothesized evolution by natural selection


Linnaeus' influence



Hudson's influence



Lyell's influence



how did fossil evidence from cuvier / lamarck and geological theroies from hudson / lyell help shape darwin's view

Darwin now had evidence tht species have changed over time through the sights of strata. Darwin disagreed w/ some of lamarck ideas ,such as: use and disuse or organisms have an innate to become more complex. but did agree on variation through inheritance but in a different way.


The voyage of the Beagle be able to describe observations made at both locations and how they influenced darwin.

he assumed tht the finches would b similar from back home due to the same climate./... but he was wrong the Galapagos finches were much like the finches from S.A. bcuz they originated there and began to live on these islands adapting to their environment and slowly evolving. One of the adaptaions wer lengths of beaks and this was significant bcuz the size of food they had to eat.


summarize the observations and inferences tht make up the theory of natural selection ? First how many obs. / inferences and there order

OBS 1) pop. have tremendous reproductive potential
OBS 2) Pop. tend to be more stable
OBS 3) Resources are limited (Malthus 1798)
INF 1) Production of excess offspring leads to a struggle for existence; only a fraction of the offspring born will survive to reproduce.
OBS 4) ind. vary within pop
OBS 5) Much of this variation is heritable
INF 2) Some variants will b better able to survive and reproduce in their environment .
INF 3) the reproductive differential between variants in the pop will lead to a gradual change in the pop. , w/ favorable traits (adaptations) accumulating over the generations.