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Ectoderm Germ Layer


  • ne3 (neural, epidermis, eye, ear)
  • outer layer of the embryo, and it forms from the embryo's epiblast.
  • The ectoderm develops into the surface ectoderm, neural crest, and the neural tube.
  • The surface ectoderm develops into: epidermis, hair, nails, lens of the eye, sebaceous glands, cornea, tooth enamel, the epithelium of the mouth and nose.

The neural crest of the ectoderm develops into: peripheral nervous system, adrenal medulla, melanocytes, facial cartilage, dentin of teeth.

The neural tube of the ectoderm develops into: brain, spinal cord, posterior pituitary, motor neurons, retina.

Note: The anterior pituitary develops from the ectodermal tissue of Rathke's pouch.



  • "dllp" (digestive, liver, lungs, pancreas)
  • the stomach, the colon, the liver, the pancreas, the urinary bladder, the epithelial parts of trachea, the lungs, the pharynx, the thyroid, the parathyroid, and the intestines.


Mesoderm Germ Layer

  • mgck: muscles, gastro, circulatory, kidney
  • muscle (smooth and striated), bone, cartilage, connective tissue, adipose tissue, circulatory system, lymphatic system, dermis, genitourinary system, serous membranes, and notochord.