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acromion, coracoid process, spine of scapula, scapular notch, supraspinous & infraspinous fossa, glenoid fossa, supraglenoid tubercle (origin for biceps brachii), infraglenoid tubercle (origin for long head of triceps)

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Humeral head, intertubercular/bicipital groove (latissimus dorsi inserts in the floor of the groove), Greater tubercle (inferior facet is insertion for teres minor, middle facet is insertion of infraspinatus, superior facet is insertion of supraspinatus), Lesser tubercle (insertion of subscapularis), surgical neck (more often fractured), anatomical neck, spiral/radial groove (houses radial nerve & deep brachial artery), deltoid tuberosity (insertion of deltoids)

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medial & lateral epicondyles

capitulum- distal humerus, lateral, small articulation to head of radius

trochlea- distal humerus, medial, articulates w/ trochlear notch on ulna

olecranon fossa- distal humerus, posterior aspect, depression that accomodates olecranon of ulna during extension of elbow

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Carpal Bones

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(Lateral to medial, proximal to distal)

scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform (on top of triquetrum), trapezium (thumb), trapezoid, capitate, hamate (hook)

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shorter of two forearm bones, lateral side of elbow to thumb side of wrist

head articulates w/ capitulum of humerus & radial notch of ulna proximally

radial neck

upper 1/3: supinator, flexor digitorum superficialis (via anterior oblique line), flexor pollicis longus

middle 1/3: pronator teres

lower 1/3: pronator quadratus

radial/bicipital tuberosity: attachment of biceps tendon

articulates w/ ulna, scaphoid & lunate carpal bones distally

styloid process: insertion of brachioradialis,



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larger of two forearm bones, medial (pinky side)

bigger proximally (radius bigger distally)

olecranon & coronoid process form trochlear notch for articulation w/ trochlea of humerus proximally

head of ulna articulates w/ ulnar notch on radius distally

ulna does not extend to wrist

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proximal, middle, distal (except for thumb, which is just proximal & distal)


Interphalangeal joints

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proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP)

-b/w proximal & middle

distal interphalangeal joint (DIP)

-b/w middle & distal

*except thumb, which only has one IP joint

*also remember the carpometacarpal & metacarpophalangeal (knuckle) joints (CMC, MCP)


Tarsal Bones

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-Calcaneus (heel), Talus, Navicular, Cuboid, Lateral Cuneiform, Intermediate Cuneiform, Medial Cuneiform


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(medial, intermediate, lateral cuneiforms, cuboid, navicular, talus, calcaneus)

-sustentaculum tali- medial side of calcaneus, harry runs underneath, attachment of spring ligament


Metatarsals & Phalanges

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2-5 have middle phalanges (not great toe), all have proximal & distal phalanges


Sesamoid bone on great toe

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ball of foot,

acts as a lever for flexor hallucis longus,

no ligamentous attachment (tucked under FHL),

fx d/t repetitive force (soccer)