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Subclavian aa

R branches off brachiocephalic trunk, L branches off aortic arch

-branches include: thyrocervical, internal thoracic, vertebral, costocervical, dorsal scapular

-becomes the axillary aa after passing rib 1

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Suprascapular aa

from thyrocervical aa (subclavian aa)

passes over suprascapular ligament (over scapular notch)

supplies supraspinatus? as well as various other sites

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Axillary aa

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subclavian aa becomes axillary aa after passing rib 1

axillary aa becomes brachial aa after passing lower border of teres major

3 segments split up by pec minor (1 medial, 2 posterior, 3 lateral)

1- superior thoracic

2- thoracoacromial, lateral thoracic

3- subscapular, ant & post circumflex humeral

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Superior Thoracic aa

-branch off 1st segment of axillary aa

-supplies 1st & 2nd intercostal spaces, superior portion of serratus anterior

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Thoracoacromial aa

-2nd segment (first branch) of axillary aa

-4 branches: pectoral, deltoid, acromial, clavicular

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Lateral Thoracic aa

2nd segment (second branch) of axillary aa

-supplies lateral structures of thorax & breast (serratus ant, pec major, intercostals)

-runs along with long thoracic nn?

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Anterior & Posterior Circumflex Humeral aa

-3rd segment of axillary aa

-encircle surgical neck of humerus anastomosing laterally, larger posterior branch located in quadrangular space

-anterior supplies shoulder

-posterior supplies GH joint, deltoid, teres major & minor, long head of triceps?

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Subscapular aa

-3rd segment of axillary aa

-divides into circumflex scapular (supplies dorsal scapular muscles) and thoracodorsal (supplies lats)

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Circumflex Scapular aa

-branch off subscapular aa

-supplies dorsal scapular muscles

-travels through triangular space/medial triangular space

-anastomoses with suprascapular aa in infraspinous fossa

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Thoracodorsal aa

-branches off subscapular aa

-supplies latissimus dorsi

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Basilic vv

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drains to axillary vv, which drains to subclavian vv


drains arm, forearm, hand

sometimes used in AV fistula creation for hemodialysis

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Cephalic vv

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communicates w/ basilic vv via median cubital vv

runs through deltopectoral groove to drain into axillary vv

used for IV access


drains hand, forearm, arm

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Deep artery of arm/Profunda brachii aa

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branch off of brachial aa just below teres major,

runs w/ radial nn along radial groove in posterior humerus

supplies deltoid and triceps brachii




Brachial aa

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anterior compartment

name change from axillary aa after teres major

runs w/ median nn

splits into radial & ulnar aa

supplies biceps & triceps brachii, coracobrachialis (major artery of arm)


Ulnar aa

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bifurcation of brachial aa

->  common interosseus, dorsal & palmar carpal, primarily superficial palmar arch (some deep)

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Radial aa

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bifurcation of brachial aa

branches: radial recurrent, primarily deep palmar arch (some superficial), dorsal & palmar carpal


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Common Interosseous aa

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branch off ulnar aa just after radial tuberosity, splits into anterior & posterior interosseus aa


Posterior Interosseous aa

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branch off of common interosseus aa (ulnar aa)

runs posterior to interosseous membrane, then distally b/w superficial & deep posterior forearm muscles supplying extensors


Superficial & Deep Palmar Arches

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superficial mainly supplied by ulnar aa, deep mainly by radial aa

superficial arch is more distal, while deep is more proximal

-the two anastomose


Common Palmar Digital aa

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branches off superficial palmar arch (ulnar aa)

three arteries pass distally onto lumbricals


Proper Palmar Digital aa

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2 branches off of each common palmar digital aa

run along sides of 2-5th phalanges to supply skin of fingers and finger tips


Perforating branches/aa

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branches off of deep palmar arch (radial nn)

three branches cross b/w 2-4th interosseous spaces to anastomose w/ dorsal metacarpal aa


Femoral Artery

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continuation of external iliac aa after inguinal ligament, thru femoral triangle, into adductor canal

-femoral pulse inferior to midpoint of inguinal ligament

-vulnerable to injury d/t superficial position in triangle


superficial epigastric (upward superficially to umbilicus)

superficial circumflex iliac (lateral, parallel to inguinal ligament)

superficial external pudendal (-> scrotum)

deep femoral (profunda femoris): off of femoral aa in triangle, descends in front of pectineus but behind adductor magnus, gives rise to medial & lateral femoral circumflex aa, supplies adductor magnus & hamstring in adductor canal


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Anterior Tibial aa.

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originates from popliteal aa, runs through interosseus membrane, becomes dorsal aa of the foot

-supplies Tom Dick Harry (tibialis anterior, extensord digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus) & peroneus tertius (anterior compartment of leg)

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Perforating Branches of Anterior Tibial & Peroneal aa

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supply lateral compartment of leg (peroneus longus & brevis)


Posterior Tibial aa

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continuation of popliteal aa

splits into peroneal aa (supplies popliteus & lateral compartment of leg)

runs deep to flexor retinaculum, supplies posterior compartment & foot (splits into medial & lateral plantar)


Dorsal Artery of Foot

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branch off of anterior tibial aa,

supplies forefoot, "dorsalis pedis"

runs anterior and b/w malleoli & EHL & EDL, inferior to ext retinaculum

Lateral Tarsal aa

branch off dorsal aa, inferior to EDB (supplies it along w/ tarsals & joints)

Arcuate aa

along bases of metatarsals 2-4 via dorsal metatarsal aa. (1st dorsal metatarsal aa supplies 1st digit)


Plantar Artery of Foot

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branch off of posterior tibial aa.

runs deep to abductor hallucis

splits into medial & lateral plantar aa.

medial plantar aa.

supplies muscles of great toe, skin on medial side

lateral plantar aa.

runs b/w FDB & QP

gives rise to deep plantar arch across tarsals, supplies muscles, skin, fascia of sole of foot


Arteries Near Hip Joint

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Medial & Lateral Circumflex Femoral aa

-off deep femoral aa (branch of femoral aa)

Artery to head of femur

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Popliteal aa

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-continuation of femoral aa after adductor hiatus (adductor magnus) running to popliteal fossa

-splits into anterior & posterior tibial aa after popliteus muscle

-superior lateral & medial genicular

-inferior lateral & medial genicular

-descending genicular

-branch off femoral aa just prior to adductor hiatus, splits into an articular branch (anastomosis around knee) & saphenous branch (skin of medial knee)


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Branches of popliteal aa

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popliteal aa splits into anterior & posterior tibial aa after popliteus muscle

-anterior tibial (anterior leg)

-posterior tibial (posterior leg (superficial calf, deep calf, plantar foot via lateral & medial plantar aa.))

peroneal aa branches off of posterior tibial

-supplies the lateral leg (peroneus longus & brevis)

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overview of lower extremity aa

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