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Brachial Fascia

Antebrachial Fascia

Bicipital Aponeurosis

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bicipital aponeurosis reinforces the cubital fossa & protects the brachial aa & median nn esp. during venipuncture


Annular ligament of Radius

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keeps radius in the radial notch of ulna


Transverse Humeral ligament

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runs from greater to lesser tubercle

encloses tendon of long head of biceps in the intertubercular groove


Interosseus Membrane

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separates ant. & post. forearm compartments, transfers forces b/w radius, ulna, humerus, attachment site of forearm muscles


Flexor Retinaculum

Palmar Carpal Ligament

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Palmar Carpal Ligament: thickening of antebrachial fascia @ wrist, covering palmaris longus tendon, ulnar aa & nn

Flexor Retinaculum: roof of carpal tunnel w/ median nn, from triquetrum, pisiform & hook of hamate to trapezium & scaphoid, origin of thenar eminence muscles, ulnar nn & aa run above it


Carpal Tunnel

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Roof: flexor retinaculum, Floor: carpal bones

transmits median nn, tendons of flexor pollicis longus, flexor digitorum profundus & superficialis


Palmar Aponeurosis

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protects superficial palmar arterial arch, long flexor tendons, palmar digital nn


Extensor Retinaculum

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holds extensor muscle tendons in place


Radial Collateral Ligament

Ulnar Collateral Ligament

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RCL (wrist): styloid process of radius to scaphoid

UCL (wrist): styloid process of ulna to pisiform & triquetrum


Vincula Longus & Brevis

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attach FDP & FDS tendons to phalanges


Suprascapular Ligament/Transverse Scapular Ligament

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turns scapular notch into a foramen

suprascapular nn runs under it, suprascapular aa runs above it


Glenoid Labrum

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connective tissue around rim of glenoid cavity providing more area for humeral head


Axillary Sheath

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fibrous sheath surrounding and protecting brachial plexus, axillary aa & vv


Superior & Inferior Extensor Retinaculum

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Superior & Inferior Peroneal Retinaculum

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Ligaments of Hip

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-strongest, Y shaped





-wind up and prevents hip extension


Ligament of the head of the femur

-weak support, transmits blood vessel to head of femur

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Extracapsular Ligaments of Knee

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Patellar lig.

-continuation of quadriceps tendon, used in ACL reconstruction

Medial Collateral lig.

-weak, flat band, prevents valgus stress

Lateral Collateral lig.

-cord like, prevents varus stress

Arcuate Popliteal lig.


Oblique Popliteal lig.

-prevents hyperext & lateral rotation of knee

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Intraarticular Ligaments of Knee

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Anterior Cruciate Lig.

-weaker, less blood supply, prevents anterior translation of tibia vs femur, prevents internal rotation of femur vs tibia, prevents hyperextension

Posterior Cruciate Lig.

-stronger, prevents posterior translation of tibia, prevents hyperflexion

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crescent shaped plates of fibrocartilage involved in shock absorption

medial meniscus

larger, less mobile, more injured

lateral meniscus

smaller, more mobile, less injured

transverse lig. of knee

attaches to anterior of both menisci, keeps them together during movement

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Ankle Ligaments

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Medial (Deltoid) lig.

-anterior & posterior tibiotalar, tibiocalcaneal, tibionavicular

-resists overeversion, supports medial longitudinal arch


Lateral lig.

-anterior & posterior talofibular, calcaneofibular

-prevents inversion (ankle sprain)

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Spring Ligament (Plantar Calcaneonavicular) lig.

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transverse acetabular lig. -> ligamentum teres

lunate surface (articulates w/ head of femur)