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Internal Thoracic aa.

-anterior intercostal aa brach from the internal thoracic aa.

-originates from subclavian aa.

-splits into the superior epigastric & musculophrenic aa @ the 6th intercostal

-used in CABG.

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Thoracoacromial aa.

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-originates from 2nd part of axillary aa (which comes from the subclavian aa)

-branches include pectoral, clavicular, acromial, deltoid



Posterior Intercostal aa

-branches off the descending thoracic aorta (laterally)

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Anterior Intercostal aa

-originate from internal thoracic aa & musculophrenic aa

-supplies intercostal muscles

-two to each intercostal space, b/w internal & innermost intercostal muscles

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Intercostal vv


-drain intercostal muscles/spaces

-on underside of ribs, superior to artery (VAN)

-drains into azygous (right), hemiazygous & accessory hemiazygous (left, lower & upper respectively), -superior intercostal vein & brachiocephalic vein (superiorly)

-thoracocentesis done above rib in order to avoid VAN

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Pericardiacophrenic aa


-accompanies phrenic nn

-originates from internal thoracic aa, supplies pericardium and diaphragm, ends w/ musculophrenic aa

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Phrenic nn

phrenic front, travels anterior to hilum

in middle mediastinum

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Superior Intercostal vv

-drain 2, 3, 4th posterior intercostal vv

-rt drains into azygous just prior to the SVC

-lft drains into L brachiocephalic, also sometimes has connection w/ accessory hemiazygous vv

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Azygous system

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Vagus nn

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party in the back, runs posterior to hilum

-gives rise to esophageal, cardiac, pulmonary plexuses

-supplies 90% of parasympathetic preganglionic fibers

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Recurrent Larygneal nn

-originates from vagus nn.

-right: loops around subclavian aa

-left: loops around aortic arch (longer, more susceptible

to injury)

-drops down in tracheoesophageal groove, supplies larynx

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Sympathetic chain/trunk & ganglia (cell bodies)

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Grey & White Rami communicans:

white carries preganglionic fibers to ganglia (more lateral, visible),

grey carries postganglionic fibers & nonsynapsed preganglionic fibers out of ganglia

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Cardiac Plexus

sympathetic & parasympathetic innervation of heart

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Thoracic Splanchnic nn


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-arise from sympathetic chain in thorax and head anterior and inferior from sympathetic chain to supply sympathetic innervation to abdomen.

-carry preganglionic sympathetic & visceral afferent sensory fibers

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Esophageal Plexus

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supplied by sympathetic & parasympathetics (like cardiac plexus)

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Suboccipital nn

motor only

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Greater Occipital nn

mixed, C2 dermatome back of the head,

semispinalis capitis (motor)

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Vertebral aa

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-from subclavian aa, goes up thru C1 transverse foramen, travels medially, passes thru posterior membrane and into vertebral canal

-ends in the basilar aa, supplies the brain

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