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What is farmers lung?

An extrinsic allergic bronchiolo alveolitis which develops in housed adult cattle following repeated exposure to mouldy hay containing spores derived from micrpolyspora faeni and thermoactinomyces vulgaris. Sudden onset severe dyspnoea, frequent coughing with production of thick mucous.


When is vegetative endocarditis most commonly seen?

2-4 months after parturition.


What are the clinical signs of vegetative endocarditis?

Effusion of the hock, carpal and all four fetlocks possible. Spend long periods in sternal recumbency, adopt an arched back apearance when standing and continually shift weight from one leg to another. Heart rate may be irregular and elevated over 100 bpm but there might be no murmur. There may be jugular distension and a marked jugular pulse. lesions involving tricuspid valve may result in ascites and peripheral oedema. Evidence of pain in endocarditits (elbow abduction, arched back, slow guarded movement) may lead to confusion with pleurisy, TPR.


What are the clinical signs of Dilated holstein cardiomyopathy?

Clinical signs include marked peripheral oedema, jugular distension, ascites and pleural effusion. Heart sounds often muffled due to pleural /pericardial effusion.


What is the treatment for actinobacillus lignieresii?

5 day course of streptomycin or potentiated sulphonamides, or iodides


What are the possible sequelae to barley poisoning?

Fungal rumenitis, chronic bloat, secondary liver abscessation with F necrophorum and actinomyces pyogenes, laminitis, Cerebro cortical necrosis.


What conditions can interfere with normal eructation and cause secondary bloat?

failure of oesophageal groove, acitnobacillosis or papillomatosis of oesophagus, physical obstruction/choke, physical pressure on oesophagus/vagal nerve by enlarged mediastinal/bronchial LNs common in 3-6month old stirks following chronic pneumonia, thoracic mass e.g thymic lymphosarcoma, tetanus, vagal indigestion, cereal overfeed/acidosis.


Which leptospirosis serovars most commonly affect cattle?

Borgpetersenii serovar hardjo
interrogans serovar hardjo


Where does leptospirosis multiply?

udder or uterus