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Safety briefing (first officer)

If we have an engine fire or failure prior to v1, the pilot noting the malfunction will call ABORT ABORT, and the Captain will abort the takeoff. If I see any other malfunction, I will bring it to the captains attention and he will state ABORT ABORT, or continue.


Standard Takeoff Briefing

.pilot flying
.flaps setting
.performance considerations?
.departure runway
.initial routing and altitude
.emergency briefing
..plans for emergency return
..single engine departure procedure, accel alt
..epc, qrh
.special considerations
..winds hear
..anti ice
..radar use
..cont ignition
.taxi route, hotspots


Approach Briefing

Atis info, landing runway, etc
Type, name of approach,airport
Index chart number, effective date
Required visibility
Freq, inbound course
Gs intercept alt, faf altitude
Step downs, da, mda
Runway approach lighting
Missed approach, go around
Accel alt
Runway conditions
Required landing distance
Transfer of controls after landing
Taxi route
Special instructions