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What is a chemical symbol for elements?

A shorter variant of elements that allow you to write formulae easier.


What is the smaller number in the chemical symbol of an element ?

The atomic number


What does the atomic number represent?

The amount of protons in the nucleus
Since there are the same amount of protons and electrons in an atom you can also get the amount of electrons in the atom.


What is the bigger number in the chemical symbol of an element?

Relative mass of the atom


What is the relative mass of the atom?

The total of protons and neutrons in the atom


Why do we not count electrons in the relative mass of an atom?

The mass of an electron is so low it doesn’t make much of a difference so we do not count it.


How would you calculate the amount of neutrons in an atom by just using the chemical symbol?

Relative mass of atom - Atomic number


What are isotopes?

Atoms with the same amount of protons and electrons, but a different number of neutrons


What do isotopes change about the chemical symbol?

The atomic symbol stays the same but the relative mass changes


Why do some elements have a decimal in their relative mass?

It is the average relative mass as atoms can vary in mass due to isotopes


What are ions?

Charged particles


How are ions formed?

When atoms, or groups of atoms, lose or gain electrons