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What are the best practices for creating good awareness creative on Pinterest

- Use compelling imagery and motion to grab pinners' attention
- Make the product or benefit the focal point
- Clearly and quickly convey the idea or concept
- Focus messaging on brand attributes
- Highlight anything new or unique to your product or brand


What are the best practices for creating good consideration creative on Pinterest

Consideration means that the consumer isn't just aware of your brand, they're considering it. This is great for brands that want to increase engagement and exploration from pinners
- Show that a product will fit into a pinner's life
- Make the product the focal point
- Include actionable content in your creative, such as how to's, lists, questions etc
- Use imagery that inspires Pinners to take a closer look or save a pin
- Feature a product with multiple variations


What is best practice for app-install pins specifically?

- Experiment with both lifestyle imagery (person using app) and in-app experience imagery (screenshots)
- Add the App Store or Google Play Badge to pin creative
- Include a clear and concise value proposition


Best practices for driving conversions

- Use aspirational imagery that focuses on a desired outcome
- Feature a CTA (e.g. 'Shop our latest collection now'))
- Include your CTA in the description
- Highlight your CTA in the pin with text overlay
- Make sure that there's a clear path to the action (purchase, download, sign-up)