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How might a pin ad following best practice look?

Branding at the top/ Text Overlay (Short Promoted Pin Copy)/Image Video/Verticality and a call to action included


What are The Best Practices Of Pin Ads

- Use compelling imagery i.e show things from an unexpected angle
- Include tasteful branding for easy identification
- Play with text overlays, design elements and typography
- Feature multiple images (in a single layout or with a carousel


Some tips when it comes to pin ads

- Streamlined intentional design performs better than cluttered text and images
- Lifestyle images are often more effective than product shots
- Pins with a variety of products or multiple images see higher engagement


Why go vertical?

85% of Pinners use Pinterest on mobile, which means that it is crucial that your pins are optimised for the mobile space


Best practices for creative in the mobile space

- Consider the when, where and how when coming up with creative and designing your pin
- Publish your new pin to a secret board to make sure that it looks as good on a mobile device as it does on your desktop (the pin will have to be moved back to a public board in order for it to be promoted)
- Design within the guides of the vertical format, versus resizing creative later
- You can use a 2:3 aspect ratio, or stack two images on top of each other to form one vertical pin


Text Overlay Best Practices

- Be succinct to maximise impact - the simpler the message, the better
- Abandon traditional ad rules regarding headlines, subheads and body copy
- Only add text that serves a purpose or adds value to pins


Video Pin Ads Best Practices

- Lead with compelling visual and hook to capture a Pinner's attention
- Show your message through motion and text versus audio or diologue
- Keep videos between 6-15 seconds
- Include a detailed description below the pin
- When featuring a product in the video, show it in use


What to avoid when designing on Pinterest

- Excessive hashtags
- Grainy or pixelated images
- Wordy text that covers up product and lifestyle imagery, or becomes too small and illegible on mobile
- Amateur or low quality content
- Shameless branding