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How to create an ad on Pinterest?

Click on the ads tab in top left corner of pinterest > Click Create Ads

It looks like you must have a business account


What are the different types of ad goals?

Drive Consideration
Build Awareness
Get Conversions


Can you build ads using previous pins?

Yes, you can promote certain pins and similar to the other platforms for social and Google, you can also choose a destination URL


How do you track performance?

You can go into the ads tab in ad manager and then click reporting


How can you optimise based on your data?

Adjust your bids
Refine targeting
Revise your pin title or description
Try a different ad format
Update your placement targeting


How can you measure success?

You can check success of campaigns against your goals in Pinterest, but they also recommend you use third party tools to do this in order to get more in-depth analysis.