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Most common congenital heart defect likely to be found in adulthood?

Atrial septal defect


Name 2 types of atrial septal defect and which one of these is most common?

Ostium secundum (most common 70%) and
Ostium primum


Which ASD is associated with Holt-Oram syndrome (tri-pharyngeal thumbs)?

Ostium secundum


Ostium secundum ECG findings?

RBBB and right axis deviation


Ostium primum ECG findings?

RBBB and left axis deviation
Prolonged PR interval


What other heart defect is ostium primum associated with?

Abnormal AV valves


Mortality of atrial septal defects?

Carry a high mortality, 50% patients are dead at 50 years


A 25 year old female is found to have a left hemiparesis following a DVT. An ECG shows RBBB with right axis deviation. What is the most likely underlying diagnosis?

Ostium secundum atrial septal defect


ECG hyperkalaemia

Tented T waves
QRS gets longer
P waves eventually disappear


WiLLiaM MarroW

LBBB - W in lead 1, M in lead 6
RBBB - M in lead 1, W in lead 6


A 26 year old has palpitations. ECG shows a shortened PR interval and wide QRS complexes associated with a slurred upstroke seen in lead II. What is this condition and what is the definitive management?

Wolf Parkinson White
Definitive treatment - accessory pathway ablation

(medical treatment - sotalol, amiodarone, flecainide)

Wide QRS complexes with a slurred upstroke - 'delta wave'


Following ischaemic heart disease, who should take aspirin?

All patients should take aspirin if there is no contraindication