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Give 3 verses on why we should care for the environment and their meaning.

Psalm 8:6 - God appointed us rulers of the earth.

Psalm 24:11 - The earth belongs to God

Leviticus 25:8 - We should let the land rest, so take care of it.


What is stewardship?

Accept responsibility and care for the earth. Also consider future issues.


What does the RC church say about caring for the environment?

Earth was given to us to look after. Emphasises consequences for our actions. We must consider the welfare of future generations.


What does the church of Ireland say about caring for the environment?

Human actions destroy natural resources. We must be willing to face change, prayer and action are needed. We have to be responsible for future generations.


List 2 things most people would agree on about animal rights.

It's unnecessary for animals to suffer. Animals are good as pets.


What legislation protects animals and what does an offender receive?

The 2007 animal welfare act. Fee of £20k, 51 week jail sentence and lifetime ban on keeping pets.


What charity protects animals?



List 2 arguments for animal right

Animals should be treated in a way that is best for them.

It's wrong to slaughter animals for food, clothing or experiments.


List 3 arguments against animal rights?

They were put on earth to serve human beings.

They don't behave or think morally.

Animals don't have souls.


State one way people can give thanks to God for his creation and provision?

Harvest service.


List 3 thugs someone can do to help the environment.

Use refills instead of buying new packaging every time.

Use solar panels for energy.
Use wind turbines for energy.


State 3 ways people have damaged the earth (explain)

Air pollution - factories release chemicals causing cancer and heart attacks.

E-waste - old electronic items dumped in landfill, contain poisonous lead.

Water pollution - less reusable water. Rubbish underground releases poisonous liquids and poisons water.