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What is moral evil?

Caused by humans (lying, stealing, murder)


What is natural evil?

Not controlled by humans (Earthquakes, disease, tsunamis)


Why is evil only a problem for theists?

He is omnibenevolent + omnipotent therefore he opposes evil and can destroy it so evil does not exist.
However, evil DOES exist.


What did Epicurus theorise in relation to evil?

If God can't destroy evil, he isn't omnipotent
If God can destroy evil + doesn't, he isn't omnibenevolent
If God is omnipotent + good, evil would not exist
Evil exists, so God must not exist.


What are the 4 reasons theists believe are Evil + suffering exist?

Suffering is a test
Suffering is a punishment for sin
Suffering can achieve great things
Free Will


What did Friedrich Nietzsche say about natural suffering?

There are so many flaws, God mustn't exist.


What do theists say about natural suffering?

Can bring benefits - lava = fertile soil
Floodwater = irrigation
Not evil, just natural
Humans put themselves in the paths of these things


Explain example of suffering is a test.
Why does it not work?

Genesis - Abraham + Isaac
Doesn't explain how evil began.
My show God created evil or intended for it to exist.


Explain example of suffering is a punishment for human sin.
Why does it not work?

Luke - Zechariah + Elizabeth. Loses voice for not believing in having a son.
Doesn't explain how evil began.
Suggest God is to blame for evil.


Explain example of suffering can achieve great things.
Why does it not work?

Purpose for suffering.
Genesis - Joseph imprisoned, saves Egypt from famine.
Paul - 'Suffering produces perseverance, character + hope'
Shows God is to blame for suffering.


Explain example of free will.
Why does it not work?

God is love, created us with free will because shows genuine love.
Genesis - Adam + Eve chose to disobey (Satan temptation)
Shows God allowing evil to exist.


What do Christians believe about evil + suffering?

The Devil / Satan
Tempted Adam + Eve and gave in, Satan tempts Jesus and doesn't give in, Satan tempts humans.
Some Christians believe in evil as a Psychological Phenomenon - mass murder more likely due to malfunctioning brain.


What do Hindus believe about evil + suffering?

Not a challenge to existence of God.
Human soul is eternal so not created by God.
Soul is ignorant - leads to suffering - God not to blame for suffering.
Reincarnation. Karma.
Balance of good and bad karma decides what kind of rebirth we have.
All personal suffering is own fault.


What do Muslims believe about evil + suffering?

Evil not a challenge to existence.
Adam + Eve - free will, forgiven, thrown out to fulfil potential.
Suffering is a test of faith.
Includes an evil one