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Define Omnipotent

All powerful


Define Monotheism

The belief that there is only one God


Define Impersonal

Has no human qualities and is unknowable


Define Transcendent

Completely distinct from Universe. Not controlled by time. Not like anything else. Unknowable.


Define Omnipresent

God is always present everywhere (Holy Spirit)
Created time, not controlled by it.


Define Personal

Has human qualities + is knowable. (Friend, father)
Right hand of God - as if he has human limbs.
Jesus as God in human form.
Real relationship with God.


Define Omnibenevolent

Completely good + source of all goodness


Define Omniscient

All knowing + source of knowledge


Define Polytheism

Belief in many gods. Many traditional African religions are polytheistic.


Define Immanent

Near at hand. Active, present + involved in creation.
E.g. Holy Spirit -> Acts: miracles, languages, prophecy, inspiration, religious experience.


What are the 3 parts of the Holy Trinity?
How did St Patrick explain this?

Father - created Universe + receives prayers
Son - Became man + died on cross. Pray to father through him.
Holy Spirit - Lives inside + guides Chrisitians.
Shamrock - 3 parts of 1 'body'


Explain the Hindu Nature of 'God'?

1 supreme God is Brahman and many inferior gods and goddesses. Brahman is omnipresent, has no gender and is transcendent and unknowable.
Gods and goddesses are aspects of his character/visual aids.


What is Shiva? What does he carry, dance on and hold?

Destroyer. Night, Winter, Death, Evil.
Drum - Keeps universe moving
Dwarf - Destroy ignorance
Snake - Controls evil


What is the Islamic view on the Nature of God?

Oneness of Allah - Tahwid
No gender or plural form
Can't understand God so he reveals himself to prophets.
Muhammad got Qur'an from Angel Jibrail.
99 names for Allah


What are some of the Islamic names for Allah?
How many + weird fact?

All merciful, perfectly wise, truth, creator.
99/100 names.
Camel knows 100th name - unknowable
Omniscient, Omnibenevolent, Transcendent, Impersonal.


What is the Shahadah?

There is no other God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.


What do the Five Pillars of Islam show?

Allah is a caring and merciful God as prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage are all ways for him to forgive the sins of Muslims.


What is anthropomorphic language?

Describing God in personal terms with human qualities.