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Explain the Bible?

Bible is inspired word of God.
Written over hundreds of years by humans guided by Holy Spirit
Therefore - Word of God - eternal message - relevant.
Read + listen to bible, understood through sermons. (Study guides)
Apply bible to own lives, guidance, comfort, how to live.
Experience God when passage relates to own life or gives comfort.


Explain the Holy Qur'an?

Direct, complete + final Word of God.
Qur'an = recitation. Dictated to Muhammad by Jibrail. Learned words by heart. Given in Arabic, only Arabic versions are considered 'The Holy Qur'an'.
Recited during prayers (Salah) 5x every day, taught to read Arabic early, often in calligraphy on Mosque walls.
Ramadan - read Qur'an more.
Know entire Qur'an = Hafiz.
Gain knowledge of how God wants them to live + achieve salvation.


What are some examples of names for Allah and their translations? (4)

Ar-Rahman (The Merciful)
Al-Malik (The Ruler)
Al-Hakam (The Judge)
As-Samad (The Perfect)
An-Nūr (The Light)


What passages in the bible can be relevant to today?

Luke 12 - rich man built extra barns to store crops, died that night - store up your treasures in heaven, not on earth. Focus on God instead of earthly wealth.
Luke 10 - Good Samaritan
Matthew 5 - teaching on murder, adultery & divorce


Give examples of how the Holy Qur'an tells Muslims how to live?

What they can eat (e.g. no dead meat, blood, pigs)
How they prepare for prayer (e.g. Wash face and hands)
Attitude to gambling + alcohol (abomination)
How children treat their parents (honour them)


What is the Jewish holy book?

The Torah (first 5 books of the bible)


Explain ArchBishop Desmond Tutu case study?

South Africa, ruled by minority white government, blacks were second class citizens.
Christians there agreed with this, white were superior.
E.g. God separated darkness from light, was 'Great Divider'
Afrikaans became compulsory, DT organised world leader boycott of SA trade. Peaceful protest. First black archbishop of SA. First black president (Mandela).


Explain Muhammad case study?

Born in Mecca. Lived with grandfather, then uncle. Called 'The Honest'
Married rich widow (Khadija)
Incident of the black stone (Ka'bah repairs) Couldn't decide which tribe would replace black stone, all shared.
Angel Jibrail visited him, fled city when taught Qur'an. Set up Islam community in Madinah.
'The Seal of the Prophets'
Also use the Hadith, collection of sayings + actions of Muhammad (how many times to pray, give charity in secret, not make images of people or animals)


What could disciples do after The Ascension?

Disciples spoke in tongues and could speak all languages.


What gifts were early Christians given?

Gift of prophecy - Holy Spirit gave word of God
Gift of healing - Peter healed a cripple


What are Charismatic + Pentecostal churches like?

Emphasis on inspiration of Holy Spirit.
Congregation might pray, read bible, prophecy, speak in tongues.
Experience God through worship
God is immanent and personal


What is Traditional Worship like?

Congregation gathers and led in formal worship by minister, prayers and hymns, bible readings and a sermon.
Filled with sense of God's presence. Comfort from prayer or bible.


What gifts might a Christian feel they have been given?

Music, teaching, hospitality, fund-raising, caring for sick, listening.


What is sacramental worship?

Part of traditional workshop.
Often in Charismatic or Pentecostal too.
Communion, Lord's Supper, The Eucharist, Mass.
Obeying command of Jesus, feel close. Spiritually strengthened.


What is the Eucharist?

Central role in RC church, when they are consecrated (blessed) bread and wine become real body and blood of Jesus.
This belief is called Transubstantiation.
When RCs enter, they genuflect (bow) towards tabernacle where consecrated bread is, sign of respect.


How many times a day do Muslims pray?
What are they called?
How do they prepare?
How do they pray?

5 times
Wudu (washing)
Move positions on mat, face Mecca, touch floor etc.


What 5 things do Muslims learn about God through prayer?

Omnipotent (bow down before Allah)
Immanent (hears prayers)
Omnipresent (hears prayers)
Expects submission to will (bow like servant)
Acknowledge Allah is compassionate + merciful (forgives sins)


What is Sufism?

Branch of Islam which involves Muslims who try to feel their faith.
Separate communities guided by a spiritual master.
Lead simple lives.
Sufi = wool, refers to simple rough woollen garments worn by early Sufis.


What are some practices of Sufis?

Silent meditation, chant prayers, whirling dervishes (spin on spot, one hand raised to God, one at ground. Open spiritual channel between heaven + earth. Allah is one)


What does spinning mean when practising whirling dervishes?

Everything revolves around God, he created everything. Blood cells around body, earth around sun.
In tune with universe + fulfil what God says.


How are all 5 senses involved in Hindu worship?

Sight - Worhip before murti of God/goddess
Sound - Passages from Vedas are read + prayers chanted
Smell - Incense burned as respect
Touch - Kiss/touch murti as respect
Taste - Share food (Prashad) after worship. Offered to God/goddess first.
Reminds Hindus that Brahman is omnipresent.


What is General Revelation?

Ways in which God reveals himself through things which anyone can see and experience.
E.g. Holy Book, natural world, lives of religious leaders.
Purpose is to make them aware of existence of God + how he wants them to live.


What is Special Revelation?

When God communicates directly with an individual
E.g. Vision, dream, visit from Angel or heavenly being, miracle, sense of presence of God.
May be simple or dramatic.
Often feel God is calling them to do something (like Muhammad)


Example of a miracle?

In 1858, 14 year old girl claimed to have been told by Virgin Mary to drink water from a certain spring in Lourdes for healing.
In 1987, Jean-Pierre Bely who had MS, received Sacrament of the Sick at Lourdes, was completely cured. Ruled as a miracle by many medical experts.