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What does Jesus say about life after death to criminal?

'You will be in paradise with me'


What is the Second Coming?

Jesus returns from heaven to judge the earth. - also called The Parousia
Opposite of the Ascension when he went up to heaven
"Jesus... will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven."


Why is Jesus' teaching confusing as to when people will go to heaven/hell?

Some say they are separated as soon as they die (Rich man + Lazarus parable)
Others say they are separated at the end of time (The parable of the Sheep and Goats)


What is Christian's heaven like?

No detailed description, lots of symbolic language.
Revelation - at the end of time, present heaven and earth will cease to exist and new heaven and new earth are created.
'No more death, no more grief or crying or pain'


What is Christian's hell like?

Place of punishment + fire (lake of fire)
Based on valley of Gehenna (Jerusalem's rubbish tip, always fires burning there)


What do Muslims believe about life after death?

Life is prep for life after death, behaviour affects their afterlife.


What happens on the final Judgement day according to Muslims?

End of time will be announced by a trumpet. World will disappear and dead will be raised (physically) to life + join the living.
Each person has 2 recording Angels, one for good deeds and the other for bad deeds.
On Last Day, final record will be opened and Allah will judge each person. Judgement is based on belief + actions.
Heaven + hell described as physical places.


How is the Muslim heaven described?

A paradise, 'garden of bliss'
Eternally young, lie on Jewel encrusted couches, served fine foods, drink wine from fountains.
Wine gives pleasure but not intoxication.
Peace, trees have no thorns, fresh water constantly flows.


How is the Muslim hell described?

Full of fire, boiling water + black smoke. Nowhere to escape thirst, thirsty but only boiling water to drink.


What does Hinduism state about life after death?

Reincarnation - reborn into another living being. Depends on good or bad karma built up in previous life.
Soul eventually works it's way up the system of karma + breaks out of cycle of reincarnation, returns to Brahman (Moksha)


What is humanism?

Atheists. No afterlife. When you die, you cease to exist.
Value in living ethically, makes us happiest.
Make best of life while we have it.


Statements against resurrection of Jesus + their answers. (4)

Someone else was crucified or stole body and pretended he was alive - most disciples were martyred for their faith, would they die for something they knew was fake?
Hallucinations which meant they thought they saw Jesus - appeared to over 500 people, could so many hallucinate at same time?
NT accounts are inaccurate - some NT date back to time of apostles, 1 Corinthians within 25 years of his death. Would they die for something they knew was fake?
Wasn't dead in tomb, just a coma - Soldiers checked he was dead


What are NDEs?

Near Death Experiences
Evidence soul lives on after death, declared clinically dead but are resuscitated.


What do most who have had NDEs experience?

Sense of being dead, followed by calmness + peacefulness.
Sense they are separate from their body + floating above things
Bright light (God)
Feeling of being drawn down a tunnel
Being in a beautiful garden
Meeting with dead friends/relatives
Feeling of being pulled back to bodies


How do people who experience NDEs feel afterwards?

Confirm religious belief in an afterlife. Don't fear death, greater appreciation for love + family, increased desire for knowledge + learning.


What do medical experts believe about NDEs?

Hallucinations. Some brain activity after clinically dead.
Sudden change in BP creates floating sensation, may have constructed image from knowledge of surroundings.


How do people relate NDEs to the theory of evolution?

Humans experience warm and pleasant feelings when dying to make use less afraid so more likely to sacrifice ourselves to protect the species.


What do Christians believe about physical bodies after death?

Have physical body, but changed. (Jesus could walk through doors)
Perfected after second coming.
Human life different (won't live in families)


What do Hindus think about physical bodies after death?

Reincarnation. Physical body dies + soul lives on. Reborn into another body, no physical reincarnation.