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What is phlebitis?

Induration or erythema, warmth, and pain or tenderness around catheter exit site


What is a tunnel infection?

Tenderness, erythema, and/or induration > 2 cm from catheter exit site, along the SQ tract of a catheter


What are sources of catheter related infections?

1. Operator
2. Skin flora
3. Contamination of catheter hub and lumen
4. Contamination of substance infused


What is the major source of CAI?

Skin flora


What are the risk factors for CAI?

1. Loss of skin integrity
2. Underlying disease
3. Thrombogenicity
4. # of catheter lumens
5. Lack of IV team
6. Duration of placement
7. Emergent line placement
8. Location of catheter
9. Nursing staff variables


When to suspect CAI

1. Local cellulitis
2. Bacteremia W/O a source
3. Sepsis W/O a source
4. Non-functioning catheter
5. +ve tip culture
6. Pus at insertion site
7. Rigors during use of catheter