infectious disease and medical microbiology

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Conventionally Cultured Bacteria
List 3 major distinguishing featu...,
What were the two gram ve aerobic...,
What two staphylococci species we...
72  cards
Difficult to culture/Nonculturable Bacteria
Helicobacter are distinguished by 2,
Helicobacter and treponema are bl...,
3 pathogenic features of h pylori
27  cards
Mechanism of action of beta lactams,
The following 3 classes of antibi...,
What do bacteria produce to count...
27  cards
Antibiotic Therapy
Mechanism of action of glycopeptides,
Vancomycin is a blank,
Daptomycin is a blank
84  cards
RNA Viruses
What is an example of an orthomyx...,
Which viral families are included...,
Which rna viruses are enveloped 5
28  cards
DNA Viruses
Which 2 virus families do not hav...,
Which dna virus families have env...,
Which dna virus families have lin...
14  cards
Antiviral Drugs
What is the clinical application ...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What is the mechanism of action o...
11  cards
Mechanisms of Microbial Resistance
What are the 5 targets of antimic...,
What are three ways bacteria can ...,
What are the 5 mechanisms of anti...
15  cards
Rank the sexual contact that is m...,
What does hiv stand for,
What are the main ways of spreadi...
16  cards
What is the most significant meth...,
What were the 6 urti s presented ...,
Describe the infectivity of the c...
72  cards
Genital Tract Infections
What are the 2 most common viral ...,
What are the 2 most common bacter...,
What are the symptoms of urethrit...
46  cards
GI Tract Infection
What is the range of presentation...,
How is c difficile transmitted,
Outline c difficile pathogenesis
36  cards
Skin, Soft Tissue Infection
What percentage of cat bites beco...,
What is the most common infectiou...,
What is empiric treatment for dog...
56  cards
List some common uropathogens,
How do bacteria get into the urin...,
What mechanisms does the healthy ...
37  cards
Sirs criteria need 2 or more,
Define sirs,
Define sepsis
13  cards
Infective Endocarditis
Characteristics of endocarditis,
What is endocarditis,
Characteristics of endocardial ve...
33  cards
Catheter Associated Infections
What is a tunnel infection,
What is phlebitis,
What are sources of catheter rela...
6  cards
CNS/Opthalmic Infections
3 causes of bacterial meningitis ...,
Common causes of viral meningitis,
Causes of bacterial meningitis in...
79  cards
Staphylococcus aureus,
Streptococcus pyogenes aka gas
10  cards
Which are the medically important...,
What are the medically important ...,
What are the medically important ...
35  cards
What is the pathogenesis of influ...,
What are the 3 clinical signs of ...,
Bacterial and viral causes of acu...
66  cards
Antifungal and Antiparasitic Therapy
What is the mechanism of action o...,
Which 2 agents are considered pol...,
What is the nickname of amphoteri...
61  cards
Drug/Bug Combos - Cases, PBL, + need to knows
Staphylococcus aureus,
Strep pyogenes
32  cards

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